Presenting the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, Udayana University in Collaboration with Brawijaya University to Hold International Seminar IISS and IWESC 2022

Udayana University (Unud) Postgraduate in collaboration with Universitas Brawijaya Postgraduate held an international seminar IISS & IWESC 2022 "The 15th International Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar (Strengthening the Role of Multidisciplinary Studies towards the Endemic Era) and The 1st Interdisciplinary Webinar on Environmental, Social, and Community (Post Pandemic COVID -19 Implication) The seminar was officially opened by the Rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng.IPU and was held offline in two different locations, namely in the 3rd Floor Hall of Unud Postgraduate and at Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur, Tuesday (18/10/2022).

The IISS & IWESC 2022 international seminar presents speakers from within and outside the country. The main speaker is Mr. Sandiaga Uno (Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia) was present online and Mr. Trisno Nugroho (Head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Denpasar Bali) who was present offline. Also present were invited speakers from institutions both at home and abroad, namely Prof. Nor'Ain Othman (Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia), Prof. Takahiro Osawa (Yamaguchi University Japan), Prof. Ming An Lee (NTOU Taiwan), Dr. Hanif Faisol Nurofiq, S.Hut.,M.P (Secretary of PKTL, Directorate General, Ministry of Forestry and Environment), Prof. Tjitjik Sri Tjahjandarie, Dra., Ph.D (Secretary to the Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Kemendikbudristek), Prof. Sun-Kee Hong (Mokpo National University Korea), Prof. Azman Azwan Azmawati (Universiti Sains Malaysia Penang Malaysia), Prof. Djoni Hartono (Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia), and Dr.Ir.I B Putu Adnyana, IPU, ASEAN Eng (Coordinator of the Professional Engineer Program at Udayana University).

The Director of the Graduate School of Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Dr. Moh Khusaini, SE., MSi., MA in his speech expressed his gratitude to Udayana University, especially Unud Postgraduates for their cooperation which has facilitated and supported the organization of this international seminar. realizing a better vision and strategic plan from the Postgraduate of Brawijaya University to become a center of excellence in the field of environmental science and interdisciplinary for a sustainable future, Brawijaya University continues to develop significant contributions in finding solutions to national programs through research, development of science, technology , policies, and perform community service. It is hoped that this conference can inspire and provide new inspiration and motivation to all participants so that we can contribute to building our nation by developing national capacity and protecting the environment.

As the host, the Postgraduate Director of Udayana University Prof. Ir. Linawati, M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D in her speech expressed her gratitude for being entrusted to host the IISS & IWESC 2022 activities in collaboration with Universitas Brawijaya. This seminar was held for 2 days and presented outstanding speakers in their fields. Of course, being a part of this seminar is a blessing to be able to hear all the great experiences and discuss things in the field of multidisciplinary learning and education. After more than 2 years we are facing a bad situation due to COVID-19 finally now for the better. In addition, this meeting can enrich knowledge about current issues, opinions, bright ideas for a better future that are starting to emerge, especially in the multidisciplinary field. It is also hoped that this meeting will target the creation of collaboration between the University industry and the Government in developing civilization.

Meanwhile, the Rector of Udayana University, Prof. Nyoman Gde Antara in his speech said that with the start of these two concurrent events, it is believed to be very strategic and very supportive of the progress of scientific programs and must also be supported by well-developed institutional policies. In addition, the Rector also congratulated the Director of the Postgraduate Program of Udayana University and the Director of the Graduate School of Brawijaya University and all parties who have supported and cooperated well so that this seminar can be held. The Rector of Udayana University really hopes that this kind of joint effort will continue to be well maintained in the future. Unud opened cooperation to strengthen policies to provide education for students from all walks of life with the spirit of independent learning, independent campus or MBKM. The Rector hopes that all participants can share with the international community, discuss, learn, and best practices in the field of interdisciplinary studies to create a better path in a sustainable manner.