Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University Celebrates the 57th Anniversary of BKFT

The Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University (Unud) celebrates the 57th Anniversary of the Family Engineering Faculty (BKFT), Saturday, October 1, 2022 at the Faculty of Engineering, Bukit Jimbaran Campus. The BKFT event was attended by the Rector of Unud, Chair of the Unud Senate, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Postgraduate Director, Deans, Chairs of Institutions, Chair of USDI, Chair and members of Dharma Wanita Persatuan of Unud, Vice Deans of Faculty of Engineering and all ranks of the academic community of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University.

Chairman of the 57th BKFT Committee Dr. I Ketut Adi Atmika reported that this year's BFKT celebration took the theme "Spirit of Unity" which means that together we will improve the performance of the Faculty of Engineering towards achievement at the national level. Prior to the 57th BKFT peak event, various series of activities had been carried out starting in mid-September 2022 including campus cleaning activities and planting mangrove trees on Kelan Beach which involved the entire academic community of the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, various competitions and competitions have been held such as tennis, penjor competitions, Rangda dance competitions, sack races and others. This anniversary celebration will continue until October 14, 2022 which will be filled with international seminars and social service activities to the Orphanage.

The Chairman of the 57th BKFT Committee expressed his gratitude to the Rector of Unud and other leaders, as well as the cooperation partners and sponsors who have provided extraordinary support, so that this event can be carried out lively and smoothly.

Likewise, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Unud, Ir. I Ketut Sudarsana, Ph.D conveyed the same thing to the invitees who had attended the 57th BKFT activity.

This commemoration is carried out offline and is more special in a family atmosphere as the beginning of our awakening for two years from the Covid 19 pandemic. The spirit of BKFT which carries the theme "Spirit of Unity" is expected that the entire Faculty of Engineering Unud community can maintain the spirit of togetherness and kinship and rise to become one unit to achieve successful achievements, able to compete in the international arena in the era of society 5.0. With the spirit of unity we rise and continue to grow to realize the vision and mission of the Faculty of Engineering to create educational institutions that are able to implement the Tri Dharma of Higher Education that are quality, independent, globally competitive and support the independence of Unud through PTNBH and towards World Class University.

This BKFT commemoration is also a momentum to reflect on itself as one of the faculties in Unud with a fairly large student body, with active students at the Faculty of Engineering currently numbering 3,636 and supported by 226 education staff and 100 administrative and PLP staff. The qualifications of FT lecturers spread over 12 study programs covering S1, S2 and S3 are already very good with more than 48 percent having doctoral degrees and 27 professors.

The Dean on this occasion also conveyed the various achievements that have been achieved by the Faculty of Engineering in the fields of academics, research, service, and student affairs. These various achievements are of course the targets of the Key Performance Indicators (IKU) up to this 3rd quarter.

Meanwhile, Rector of Unud Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M. Eng, IPU congratulated the 57th Anniversary of BKFT, what is meant by the age of 57 years, of course there must be a change from the previous year. In 2023, when it is 58 years old, of course there must be another change, that is the most tangible indicator to measure whether the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering is working or not. With the various achievements conveyed by the Dean, they are extraordinary, but there is still much to be done.

Our program is to integrate lectures in the hills, so that 52 undergraduate and undergraduate students will study in the hills, at the Denpasar campus will focus on masters, doctorates, professions and specialist doctors. In this year's infrastructure, there are 23 large and small projects including 8 deans, 1 library, lecture building, Unud Hospital, RSGM and others. The target for this semester should be that all new students study in the hills, but the project has not been completed and it is hoped that in the coming semesters, the new students will carry out lectures on the hills. In addition, it is also submitted. Many development targets at Unud will be completed in 2023, therefore the Rector really hopes for support from all parties so that these projects can run well and smoothly.