University of Health and Welfare (IUHW) Selects Udayana University Faculty of Medicine Students to Study at IUHW

Rector of Udayana University (Unud) Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara accompanied by the Dean and Vice Dean of the Medical Faculty of Udayana University and the team received a visit from the President of the International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW) Tokyo Japan, Prof. Yasuhiro Suzuki M.D., Ph.D, MPH, MSc and Professor Haruko Akatsu, Dean of the Office of Medical Education at the Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Tuesday (13/9/2022).

The purpose of the arrival of the IUHW Delegation is to select Unud Medical Faculty students who will attend lectures at IUHW Tokyo, where IUHW has a scholarship program for students in the Southeast Asian region. For Indonesia, IUHW has a collaboration with Udayana University and since 6 years ago there have been as many as 9 Unud students studying at IUHW. This year there will be re-selected for 2 Unud students who will study at IUHW and are fully funded by the IUHW during their education. After graduating, these students must return to Indonesia to develop medical education in Indonesia.

Besides that, it is also expected to expand cooperation in the field of education, especially research and other fields such as student and staff exchanges. Where this will be an opportunity for Unud to increase the competency capacity of the staff at Unud.