News Reading Contest Participants are Ready to be Watched by TVRI Bali

In the framework of the 60th Anniversary of Udayana University (Unud), Language Center held a News Reading Contest which was attended by students from PTN/PTS throughout Bali which, Friday (09/09/2022), was held in the 3rd Floor Hall of the Postgraduate Building, Unud Sudirman Campus. Denpasar.

This activity can also be watched through the Udayana TV Youtube channel: so that it can also be watched online. This event was attended by the Director of Postgraduate, Head of TVRI Station, Director of BPU Unud, Chair of USDI, Head of LPPM, as well as participants in the PTN/PTS student competition throughout Bali. The judges selected for this competition are Dr. Ni Luh Ketut Dewi Julianti, S.S., M. Hum, Luh Cempaka Dewi, S.S., M. Hum, and Cok Wife Priti Mahendra Devi (TVRI producer).

This News Reading Contest was attended by 54 participants from various PTN/PTS who had successfully passed the preliminary round, with a virtual total of 15 people. The participants came from Panji Sakti University, Maha Saraswati University, National Education University, Bali Tourism Polytechnic, Bali State Polytechnic, and from Udayana University.

The Head of Language Center, Sang Ayu Isnu Maharani, SS., M.Hum in the opening ceremony of the News Reading Contest said that this activity was the first held by Unud which was held to provide space for students to actualize themselves with their English skills, especially reading skills.

This activity is also one of the realizations of cooperation with TVRI Bali, it is hoped that the participants who later succeed in becoming champions can be seen by TVRI Bali's potential as news readers or regeneration in the field of news readers.