Immediately Hold 1st Annual Meeting, Udayana University IAB Team Holds Audience with Rector of Udayana University

Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara received an audience from the Udayana University IAB Development Team at the Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Monday (29/8/2022). This hearing is to discuss preparations for the Udayana University International Advisory Board (IAB) 1st Annual Meeting.

The establishment of IAB Udayana University aims to support the achievement of the vision of Udayana University which is superior, independent and cultured through the mechanism of providing advice or consultation by IAB members.

IAB Udayana University has duties including providing independent advice and input on the development of Unud's strategic plan, helping to expand Udayana University networking at the international level, recommending experts, community leaders, or experts who are involved to increase Udayana University contribution in the international world, and assisting efforts to expand fundraising capacity. for the achievement of the vision Global Udayana University.

The composition of the membership consists of leaders, experts who are considered to have a strong vision in higher education, experts from leading overseas universities, researchers of international reputation, reliable industry players, or national figures who have a high commitment in providing constructive suggestions for the progress of Udayana University. and willing to work voluntarily in accordance with the main tasks of its function.

Professors from leading universities in the world who have expressed their willingness to become members of the IAB Unud team are (1) Professor Kadambot Siddique (The University of Western, Australia), (2) Professor Harry W. Palm (Rostock University, Germany), (3) Professor Mohamed Quafaf ou (Aix-Marseilles University, France), (4) Professor Fusanori Miura (Yamaguchi University, Japan), (5) Professor Osamu Matsushita (Okayama University, Japan), (6) Professor Guy H. Palmer (Washington State University, United States of America), (7) Professor Farhad Anshari (University of Illinois, United States of America), (8) Professor Frederik Anseel (UNSW, Australia), (9) Professor Adrian Vickers (The University of Sydney, Australia), and (10) Professor Elkhonon Goldberg (New York University School of Medicine, USA).

IAB members are scheduled to hold the inaugural annual meeting and attend the 60th Anniversary of Udayana University in 2022.