Asian Law Students Association Local Chapter of Udayana University Held ALSA Career Talkshow 2022

Asian Law Students Association Local Chapter of Udayana University (ALSA LC Unud) held an ALSA Career Talkshow with the theme "We Strive To Succsess And Learn To Be Better" which was held online and offline by taking points at the Widya Sabha Building, Bukit Jimbaran Campus. Saturday (27/8/22).

This activity was also attended by Constitutional Court Judge Prof. Dr. Saldi Isra, S.H, M.PA, Indonesian Diplomat Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmad Almaududy Amri, P. Hd, Partner and Co-Founder at Assegaf Hamzah & Partners Mr. Ahmad Fikri Assegaf, S.H., L.LM, President Commissioner of the Regional Development Bank Bali Ida Bagus Putu Anom Redhi S.H., M.M, Deputy Dean III of the Faculty of Law, Udayana University I Made Sarjana, S.H., M.H, ALSA Local Chapter Trustee of Udayana University Ni Gusti Ayu Dyah Satyawati, SH., M.Kn, LLM, Director of ALSA LC Unud Ambrosius Andhika Satria Kumentas, Project Officer of ALSA Career Talkshow 2022 Delvino Ahmad Hidayat Lolianto and the entire organizing committee and participants of ALSA Career Talkshow 2022.

The event began with remarks from the Project Officer of the ALSA Career Talkshow 2022, Delvino Ahmad Hidayat Lolianto, who on this occasion expressed his gratitude to all elements and elements who have helped and made the ALSA Career Talkshow 2022 event a success so that in the end this activity can run smoothly. This is the first time that ALSA has re-implemented a work program where many participants came offline. By carrying out the above theme, we believe that each of us, consciously or unconsciously, always has a high desire to be better and is always motivated to keep learning until the desired thing is achieved. ALSA Career Talkshow 2022 strives to continue to contribute by providing quality events by bringing in speakers who are very experts in their fields. "Keep seeking as much knowledge as you can, make this activity a milestone for change, there are many things that we can achieve and many things that our friends can achieve," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of ALSA LC Unud Ambrosius Andhika Satria Kumentas said that ALSA is an organization that accommodates all Law Faculty students spread across 16 National chapters in Asia and 14 Local Chapters in Indonesia. Together we work together to create and shape our members to become extraordinary legal people later, therefore ALSA LC Unud is very proud to present one of its best work programs, the ALSA Career Talkshow which aims to increase the knowledge, views and knowledge of law students which later when graduated can be useful after college. ALSA LC Unud tries as much as possible to open opportunities, especially for its members and invites colleagues from other ALSA LCs to be able to interact and get to know more about the extraordinary legal figures who are currently the speakers in the ALSA Career Talkshow.

Likewise, Naufal Faiz Muhammad, Vice President of Academic Activities and Training of ALSA National Chapter Indonesia, expressed his deepest appreciation to the entire ALSA Career Talk Show 2022 committee who has provided a forum for participants and the wider community to discuss and expand their knowledge about the world of careers for students. future Law Faculty students. He expressed his deepest gratitude to all the committees and speakers who have taken the time in the midst of their various activities to attend and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with all participants. Hopefully the knowledge gained during this activity can provide benefits for all participants, especially in preparing themselves to enter the world of legal professionals.

In this activity, the supervisor of ALSA LC Unud Ni Gusti Ayu Dyah Satyawati, SH., M.Kn, LLM also expressed his gratitude to all the really great and extraordinary speakers who have been willing to take the time to share with ALSA LC Unud students, giving time to inspire, convince and provide guidance to our students if they now make good use of their study time. Later they can have a professional career and extraordinary opportunities like the speakers. Participants are expected to really be able to reap the positive benefits of this activity as a guide for a better future career.

Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Faculty of Law, Unud, Dr. I Made Sarjana, SH., M.H. on this occasion give the greatest appreciation to all members of ALSA LC Unud who have organized this event. With the implementation of this activity, the participants are expected to be able to adopt and understand the material presented by the speakers well.

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT.,Ph.D.,IPU in his speech said that by taking the theme, it is hoped that later students will be able to adopt and grow it in themselves, become a determined motto in life and continue to be developed so that later they can be successful and their careers can be achieved. This is a very rare opportunity that must be properly utilized for discussion and of course to gain new knowledge, add insight into many things from the speakers who are very extraordinary. Students are future leaders, therefore equip themselves from an early age with various good organizational activities, learn to make changes towards a better direction, increase creativity and innovative competence. In this talkshow, it is hoped that there will be reciprocal two-way discussions so that many things can be obtained by students.