BEM Udayana University Holds PKM 2022 Workshop "Shine With More Innovation Towards Achievment"

The Student Executive Board (BEM) of Udayana University held a PKM 2022 Workshop which was officially opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT., Ph.D., IPU. This PKM workshop took the theme "Shine With More Innovation Towards Achievment" which was held at the IKM Building, Faculty of Medicine, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Thursday (28/7/2022).

The chairman of the committee, I Made Gangga Ary Priyambada, on this occasion said that the PKM Workshop was aimed at accommodating or as a means of intelligence efforts which would later be brought to PIMNAS. The PKM workshop is present as a series of intellectual efforts for Udayana University students to encourage students to always actively participate as a support step to realize Udayana World Class University. This PKM was held from 28-30 July 2022 and was attended by 26 groups from 6 types of PKM, namely PKM-PM, PKM-RE, PKM-GFT, PKM-KC, PKM-RSH and PKM-K.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Student Executive Board Darryl Dwiputra expressed his appreciation to the students who had organized this activity. This PKM workshop focuses on the 21st batch of students who are attended by several different faculties and is expected to produce more innovative works. After later there are several things that are conveyed by the speaker, it can certainly be clear for all students how to synchronize to produce good words. "Hopefully the next few days can be a good thing to be able to pour, sharpen our thoughts together so that later we can create an educational climate that is so enjoyable and passionate to learn", he said.

The Vice Rector for Student Affairs in his speech said that this activity is an activity that is routinely carried out every year. Students are expected how to make something on this occasion so that later they can make proposals that can be included not only in the Olympics at Udayana University but also enter and compete with the Ministry. With the implementation of this activity, it is hoped that later it can improve thinking skills, management skills, communication skills and others for students at Udayana University.