LAM-PTKes Assessors Conduct Field Assessments at the Heart and Blood Vessel Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University

The Independent Accreditation Institute for Health Higher Education (LAM-PTKes) conducts a Field Assessment in the context of accreditation of the Cardiology and Blood Vessel Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University. Friday, (22/7/2022). There were 2 assessors who attended the field assessment, namely Prof. dr. Linda Wilhelma Ancella Rotty, Sp.PD-KHOM, FINASIM and Prof. Dr. dr. Maimun Syukri, Sp.PD-KGH.

On this occasion the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University, Dr. dr. Komang Januartha Putra Pinatih, M.Kes. said that this accreditation process is the eighth this year, in the medical faculty there are 33 study programs, 4 of which are professions, this year the plan is to reaccredit 15 study programs. Associated with accreditation as a mandate of law, the accreditation process must be followed by all educational institutions. This is to ensure that the Tri Dharma College process has been carried out according to the standards that have been set together and the goal is that the graduates we produce really have the appropriate competencies. To guarantee this, a quality assurance system is needed, institutionally a quality assurance system at Udayana University already exists at the university, faculty, and study program levels.

This internal quality assurance system has not been able to fully see the gaps or shortcomings that we have, therefore it needs to be complemented by external quality assurance that can fill holes or gaps that we can still work on for the improvement process. Today we have an Assessor Team from LAM-PTKes to help us find gaps or shortcomings that we will later use as a reference for the development of future study programs to be even better. The Dean hopes that the Assessor Team will be able to provide as much input as possible to us so that this will be a provision for the study program managers to be able to make continuous improvement efforts.

Meanwhile, the Rector of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M. Eng., IPU in his speech conveyed several things related to Udayana University including the 60th Anniversary of Unud which will be held in the next few weeks which will precisely fall on September 29, 2022, hopefully on the anniversary The Christmas is a reflection of how we can develop Udayana University in the future and how we can evaluate ourselves so that later matters relating to this institutional development model can be continued in the future. Udayana University also a few months ago that it was officially accredited to excel, Unud has approximately 30,000 students, 13 faculties and 1 Postgraduate Program. Udayana University also manages 1 Udayana University Hospital which has now been declared type B and hopes that this type B hospital can be upgraded as a Teaching Hospital so that later the educational process for medical students can be carried out more optimally. Then the Dental and Oral Hospital is also in the stage of the development process and it is hoped that later it can provide services to the community as well as carry out its main duties as expected, namely increasing the competence of graduate students from dentistry and oral education. A veterinary hospital under Faculty of Veterinary of Udayana University will also be built next year because the process of this veterinary hospital is very good.

The Faculty of Medicine is one of the most important faculties at Udayana University because it consists of 33 study programs, at Udayana University there are 118 study programs, 33 of which are in Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University, that means approximately 28 percent of the study programs are in the medical faculty and all of these study programs are very extraordinary. Of the 118 study programs at Udayana University, more than 72 percent of these study programs have been accredited in very good, A and superior classifications and the rest are accredited B. The Rector hopes that in the future many study programs will be accredited as superior so that later the development roadmap will be when the study programs are accredited as superior. national level will be encouraged to become internationally accredited study programs.

Until this year at Udayana University there are 9 study programs that have been internationally accredited, this year around 14 study programs will be developed which will be encouraged to become internationally accredited. Especially for humanities study programs, the accreditation is FIBAA, in 2023 it is expected that 13 more study programs will be encouraged to achieve international accreditation, including study programs at the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University. On this occasion, the Rector hopes that with the presence of these assessors, they can provide things that become benchmarks or directions for how in the future we can develop heart and blood vessel study programs and other study programs in general, and it is hoped that the process of carrying out this assessment can be implemented optimally.