Developing Potential in the World of Film, Department of Interests and Talents BEM Udayana Holds Udayana Film Festival 2022

The Student Executive Board (BEM) of Udayana University held the 2022 Udayana Film Festival which lasted for three days, from Wednesday (13/07/2022) to Friday (15/07/2022) at the Dharma Negara Alaya Building, Denpasar. "Pesona Indonesia" is the theme raised in this year's UFIFEST event. The purpose of holding this festival is to facilitate the younger generation, especially university students, in developing their interests and talents in the film industry. So that later the younger generation will not only focus on the academic field, but also can develop their creativity in the non-academic field.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Luh Ketut Nanda Priangbidari in his report said that the Udayana Film Festival was presented in a series of workshops & talk shows on film and photography, exhibitions of photography participants' works, screening of film participants' works, and of course national level competitions. Workshops and talk shows were presented as an effort to foster interest in the film industry, the committee presented 12 speakers who were competent in their fields, including Academics, Directors, Producers, Photographers, Presenters, and Artists. During the three days of implementation, each day is divided into 4 classes with each speaker. Overall, the talk shows and workshops were attended by more than 200 participants consisting of students and university students.

High enthusiasm in the Udayana Film Festival can be seen from the total works that are included in it. The committee held an exhibition of photographic works from all participants in the photography competition with a total of hundreds of works being displayed. This exhibition is presented as a form of appreciation to the participants, besides that it can also be a place of study for participants who attend the Exhibition Rung, Dharma Negara Alaya Building to see the works of participants from all over Indonesia.

Film Screening is also not left behind to be presented. a total of 30 films by fiction and documentary nominees were screened within 3 days. I Ngurah Gede Adi as the curator explained that it was quite difficult to select the works submitted to the committee, each work has a different appeal, however, with this screening, it is hoped that all parties can witness and appreciate the work of the participants.

The expected output from the holding of the Udayana Film Festival is of course the birth of young filmmakers in the country. The younger generation is not only present as connoisseurs, but also creators of film works. I Putu Bagus Padmanegara, curator of the documentary film competition as well as the Head of the Department of Interests and Talents of BEM Udayana in announcing the nominations for Documentary Films, explained that the total works submitted to the committee were 365 works from 258 participants, including students from Multimedia Nusantara University, Ciputra University, ISI Surakarta. , Sriwijaya University, Hassanuddin University, Sebelas Maret University, Brawijaya University, Jenderal Sudirman University, and many more. The competition in the 2022 Udayana Film Festival consists of a Documentary Film Competition, a Fiction Film Competition, a Photography Competition, and a Vlog Competition.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at Udayana University Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT.,PhD on this occasion expressed his appreciation for the implementation of the 2022 Udayana Film Festival. In addition to giving appreciation, WR III did not forget to extend an invitation to all participants who attended offline and online to take part in other competitions that will be held by Udayana University. The Udayana Art Festival which is the biggest art competition at Udayana University and the Rector's Cup which will be held on the upcoming September.

The enthusiasm of the participants was very high, making it quite difficult for the jury to determine the winner of each stalk that was contested. The winners of the 2022 Udayana Film Festival include:

Student-level Fiction Film Competition
1st Place : MultimediaBali Films / Multimedia Nusantara University
2nd Place : Funtasticrew Film / Indonesian College of Computer Science
3rd Place : Kincah Project / University of Muhammadiyah Pontianak
Champion of Hope : Sing Karuan Itek / Udayana University

Student Documentary Film Competition
1st Place: Potential of Kayubihi Village / STMIK PRIMAKARA
2nd Place : Cengkerama / Sebelas Maret University
3rd Place : Paigum Chess / Udayana University
Champion of Hope : Bagaskara Laut Nusa Penida / National Education University

Student Documentary Film Competition
1st Place : Back Tiwas / SMA N 1 Gianyar
2nd Place : TCORE 13 / SMA N 13 Bandung
3rd Place : Galungan / SMK N 1 Gianyar

Student-level Photography Competition
1st Place : I Komang Surya Adinandika / Udayana University
2nd Place : Nurul Muchlisah Basri / Hasanuddin University
3rd Place : Aviva Mahira Pangestu / Andalas University
Champion of Hope : Valleryo Victorious Immanuel / Udayana University

Student level Photography Competition
1st Place : I Made Bagas Ardhika Wijaya / SMK Ti Bali Global Denpasar
2nd Place : Ni Putu Shinta Kirana Manojna / SMA N 1 Denpasar
3rd Place : I Gusti Lanang Agung Dianta Utama Ratir / SMA Negeri 4 Denpasar
Winner of Hope : I Made Bagas Ardhika Wijaya / SMK Ti Bali Global Denpasar

Student-level Vlog Competition
1st Place : Bali South Visual / Udayana University
2nd Place : Monalisa Studio / ISI Surakarta
3rd Place : Luaruma Pictures / ISI Surakarta
Champion of Hope : TV Technocrat / University of Indonesian Technocrats

Student-level Vlog Competition
1st Place : Smerti Jaya / SMA N 1 Baturiti
2nd Place : Bastardo / SMA N 6 Denpasar