Bank Mandiri Taspen Provides Convenience for Udayana University Retirees

The General Bureau of Udayana University through the Human Resources Section in collaboration with Bank Mandiri Taspen held a socialization of the Introduction of Bank Products and Services for Penance Services for PNS/ASN at Udayana University who Entered the Retirement Age Limit (BUP) for the 2022-2023 Period, which took place in the Meeting Room, Floor 3 Post Graduate Building, Denpasar Campus, Tuesday (05/06/2022).

This socialization was opened by the head of the General Bureau, Ni Made Pertami Susilawati, SE., MM who in her speech said that prospective retirees at Unud would of course choose a bank that could provide the best service to retirees. Seeing the reality on the ground, many pensioners are elderly and are queuing at bank service counters, therefore there is a need for banks that can provide more service facilities and go directly to their homes. It is hoped that the taspenan products and services provided by Bank Mandiri Taspen can be well received by prospective retirees at Udayana University.

Meanwhile, Representative from PT TASPEN Asman Prayisworo said that Bank Mandiri Taspen is one of the banks that is trusted to be one of the banks whose services are the same as PT Taspen. The flagship of the Mandiri Taspen program is direct home services, which will certainly benefit elderly retirees. Bank Mandiri Taspen can facilitate and is ready to assist all banking processes needed by customers. It should also be noted that Bank Mandiri Taspen is a subsidiary of PT Taspen, in terms of managing retirement savings, there is no administration fee, so the nominal amount of funds saved remains intact without any deductions.

In the outreach activity, the introduction of Bank Products and Ketaspenan Services for PNS/ASN at Udayana University was also presented, presenting a resource person, namely the Head of the Jasmine Branch of Bank Mandiri Taspen Totok Ermanto.