Improving International Accreditation Achievements, LP3M Udayana University Holds Outcome Based Education (OBE) Curriculum Workshop

Denpasar - The Institute for Learning Development and Quality Assurance of Udayana University held an Outcome Based Education (OBE) Curriculum Workshop at the Meeting Room of dr. A A Made Djelantik Facuty of Medicine Udayana University Sudirman Campus Denpasar, Thursday (30/06/2022). The workshop presented two resource persons, namely Ir. Berlian Kushari, ST., M.Eng (Secretary General of IABEE, FTSP-UII) with the topic "Best Practices for Measurement of CPL Compliance in the OBE Curriculum". The second resource person was Maria Hidayati, SS, M.Pd (AUN QA Assessor, UM) with the topic "Implementation of the OBE Framework in Curriculum and Its Measurement".

Chairman of the Committee Prof. Putu Alit Suthanaya, ST., M.Eng.Sc, Ph.D in his report said that universities as institutions of science, research, and community service are required to be more focused in realizing their performance targets. To improve the quality of curriculum and learning, performance indicator is number 8, namely the percentage of S1 and D4/D3/D2 study programs that have international accreditation or certificates recognized by the government. In order to improve the quality of the learning curriculum towards international accreditation or certification, it is necessary to implement the Outcome Based Education (OBE) curriculum.

OBE is an educational process that focuses on achieving certain specified concrete outcomes (knowledge, abilities and results-oriented behavior). OBE is not just a list of courses, but also explains the educational program experienced by students from start to finish. It is hoped that this activity can improve the quality of the curriculum for study programs in the context of international accreditation, and today's workshop will receive serious attention and be followed up by Study Programs to develop/improve an outcome-based curriculum, in order to achieve international accreditation.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja, MP representing the Rector of Udayana University in his speech conveyed the importance of paying attention to the curriculum with the OBE approach, where some study programs have implemented it at Udayana University such as Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agricultural Technology which are in the process of international accreditation. His party is very happy with the spirit that is on the path of quality culture, currently Udayana University has been accredited as one of the 27 Universities in Indonesia, there are 17 Study Programs that have achieved excellent accreditation, where when compiling a new ISK 7 that achieved excellence, now there are 10 more improvements. We are moving quickly to achieve superior accreditation because we are making a portfolio for PTN BH, because it has been 12 years since BLU has managed the most budget among PTN BLU. We already have a plan to build a hotel in Kuta.

The Vice Rector hopes that the Study Program Coordinator will be prepared, not just in the comfort zone, they must be more aggressive in triggering the Coorprodi to improve its position and be on the right track of quality culture. Currently his party is making a decree for the PD Dikti Coordinator and Lecturers to update Sister to support PD Dikti, besides that there is also assistance for new students. In Accreditation and MBKM we take pictures based on data from PD Dikti for that to be optimized. Changes in the curriculum are commonplace and routine activities due to the development of knowledge and technology as well as the needs of the community and users. Currently there is a gap between graduates and the needs in the world of work, for that we must have graduates with new literacy skills and therefore a curriculum development orientation is very necessary, where international accreditation requires an OBE-based approach. The resource persons who attended were very precise in accordance with the material presented, and participants were asked to explore as much as possible regarding this OBE.