Field Assessment of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine Udayana University by LAM-PTKes Assessors

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University received the arrival of the Assessor Team of the Independent Accreditation Institute for Health Higher Education (LAM-PTKes) located in the Meeting Room of dr. A.A Made Djelantik Sudirman Campus Denpasar, Tuesday (21/06/2022). Present at the opening of the assessment were the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information representing the Rector of Udayana University, the Chair of LP3M, the Head of the Library Unit, USDI Representatives, the Vice Deans of Medical Faculty and Coorprodi and related ranks and invitees.

Meanwhile, the assessors who were present were Prof. Dr. dr. Dwiyana Ocviyanti, Sp.OG(K).,MPH and Dr. dr. H. Muhammad Rusda, M.Ked., Sp.OG(K).

Deputy Dean for Academic and Planning Faculty of Medicine Udayana University Dr. I Gede Eka Wiratnaya in his speech said that there were 33 study programs that almost coincided with the end of their accreditation period, where this year there were 15, and today there are two that are accredited. The Vice Dean thanked the taskforce team and all parties who had helped prepare and carry out this accreditation process. The accreditation activities that have been carried out have been prepared in advance and there is assistance from UPM Faculties and Universities through LP3M to jointly compile and prepare them. Besides that, there is also assistance from the college. He hopes that the Study Program can achieve superior scores. Previously, there were several Study Programs that won the superior predicate and there were Study Programs from B to excel. Hopefully next year everything can be excellent. The Vice Dean thanked all parties involved and the Assessor Team.

While the Vice Rector Prof. I Putu Gede Adiatmika said that Udayana University is now 60 years old and we are in the process according to the Rector's plan to be centered on the Jimbaran Campus, while on the Denpasar campus for Postgraduate. For this reason, 8 new Deans will be built which are expected to be realized in early 2023. This is to support the educational ecosystem, where student dormitories, lecture buildings and a sports center will also be built. Besides that, the hotel is also to support services for students. The Faculty of Medicine is one of the main supporters of Udayana University, for that the leadership fully supports efforts to run the best academic services. LP3M has been assigned to assist in quality assurance, besides that there are LPPM and USDI as well as libraries that are directed to be digital-based. Those are the efforts made to support the existing study programs. Regarding the field assessment, the Vice Rector expressed his gratitude for the presence of the Assessor Team so that it did not pass the end of the accreditation period. Hopefully it can proceed as expected and achieve superior predicate.

Representative of the Assessment Team Prof. Dwiyana Ocviyanti said that her party was assigned to LAM-PTKes to carry out tasks at Udayana University to make portraits of Study Programs that would be sent to LAM-PTKes. He hopes that the portrait presented to the validator is the best portrait of the Study Program, where there are 9 criteria with 100 items with more objective monitoring in the process, and they are required to present evidence that must be sent to LAM-PTKes. For that to be presented as it is and as best as possible. Weaknesses are sometimes in poor record keeping. More Prof. Dwiyana informed that LAM-PTKes is currently improving, if it is successful it will get international recognition so there is no need to participate in international accreditation anymore. Validators are currently monitored by an even more stringent system. The requirement is to achieve excellent accreditation to be recognized internationally. For that, quite a lot of documents will be requested and validated. So you must be enthusiastic to show the best and produce international equivalent accreditation.