Facilitating Alumni and Fresh Graduates, Udayana University Holds Campus Hiring

Udayana University in collaboration with PT. Haleyora Powerindo (HPI) held Udayana Campus Hiring for alumni and fresh graduates from Udayana University. This event was held in Nusantara Room, Agrokompleks Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Wednesday (15/6/2022).

Udayana Campus Hiring was carried out in collaboration between Udayana University through the CDC (Campus Development Center) which has now changed its name to UPKA (Career and Alumni Center Unit) with PT. HPI, which is part of the PLN Group, acts as a recruiter company.

Head of UPKA Udayana University, Dr. Kadek Dwita Apriani, S.Sos, MIP said that on this occasion Udayana University cooperated with PT. HPI as a recruiter for the PLN Group which this time PT. Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON+) as the user.

“This time, they are opening an opportunity for ICon+ by coincidence, the region or the SBU they call it, the SBU Bali Nusra. So, Udayana as the center of excellence from southern eastern Indonesia, yes, many NTT and NTB friends study here. So ICon+ at that time explored cooperation and stated that Udayana is one of the best campuses in their region and they are willing to do recruitment at Udayana and there are not many positions open," he explained.

There are a total of 114 alumni and fresh graduates of Udayana University who registered for the 33 positions opened in this recruitment. In addition to conducting tests and interviews for prospective candidates, the Udayana Campus Hiring series of events on this occasion also consisted of company profile presentations from PT. HPI and ICON+, job interview training, and training on making CV (Cover Letter).

It is hoped that if alumni or fresh graduates have not passed this selection, at least from the training provided by alumni, especially fresh graduates who are looking for their first job, they can get provisions to prepare for job applications on other occasions.

Head of Udayana University Student Affairs Bureau, Drs. I Ketut Kartika said that the implementation of the Udayana Campus Hiring was an effort to bridge the alumni of Udayana University to get jobs.

He hopes that in the future, Udayana University through UPKA will continue to synergize and collaborate with companies from various industrial sectors to bridge and facilitate Udayana University alumni to get their first jobs.