Udayana University Business Incubator with BRI Holds Kick-Off Brilliant Village Deepening Program 2022

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) in collaboration with the Business Incubator (INBIS) of Udayana University held a Kick-Off for the Deepening Village Brilliant 2022 Program which was carried out online through a Zoom Meeting, Wednesday (15/06/2022).

Present at this Zoom meeting, BRI's Vice President of Social Entrepreneurship & Incubation Division, Evi Sulistyowati, explained that as a bank that has a focus on the micro, small and medium business segment. BRI's role is not limited to the Financial Intermediary function but also has a function in empowering MSMEs and also the village economy. Based on these conditions, since 2020, BRI has been present and has participated in developing villages through the Brilliant Village program.

This Brilliant Village this time is the 5th time starting in 2020 where BRI has selected 531 Tough and Innovative Village Proposals and selected 125 Villages from various regions in Indonesia which were then taken 10 Villages as Winners of the Brilliant Village 2020. This Brilliant Village Program is a village incubation program that aims to produce role models in village development through the implementation of superior village leadership practices and a spirit of cooperation to optimize village potential based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The villages that are part of the “Brilliant Village” program are expected to be a source of inspiration for village progress that can be replicated to other villages.

Until now, there are 1,182 villages participating in Brilliant Village throughout Indonesia. It is hoped that those participating in the brilliant village can create village innovations as a driver of the village's economy.

Meanwhile, the Rector of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M. Eng., IPU. very proud that INBIS Udayana University and Bank Rakyat Indonesia can work together to organize a very important event for the whole community, especially rural communities. The Rector also gave his highest appreciation to BRI for involving Udayana University in helping the community, so that economic development or growth occurred, especially in the villages that would be assigned together.

Matters related to INBIS Udayana University entrepreneurship have been given great attention by the Rector, especially for students and stakeholders outside Udayana University. At Udayana University there are two units that are responsible for entrepreneurship growth given to the Udayana University academic community, especially students and lecturers, namely the Student Entrepreneurship Program Unit (PKM) and the Business Incubator Unit (INBIS). INBIS work at Udayana University is expected to be improved in the future, not only providing understanding and continuation of the student entrepreneurship program, so that later through the process carried out by INBIS Udayana University, young entrepreneurs will be born both from students, lecturers and the Udayana University academic community. .

In this case, the Rector also encouraged how INBIS Udayana University cooperates with other parties, as has been done now with BRI, which has won the trust of BRI to help run businesses related to the existence of 53 designated villages. The Rector also hopes that Inbis and all existing business activists can be utilized so that later they can provide solutions, provide assistance, so that what is expected and becomes the goal of BRI's Brilliant Village Deepening program can be carried out as well as possible.