Udayana University Appears in the 2022 XLIV Bali Arts Festival Peed Aya

After two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2022 Bali Arts Festival (PKB) XLIV will be held offline and online from 12 June to 10 July 2022. One of the PKB activities, Peed Aya (Pawai) was held directly in front of the Bali People's Struggle Monument. Bajra Sandhi, Niti Mandala Renon Denpasar, Sunday (12/06/2022). Udayana University also participated in the Peed Aya (Pawai) activity at the XLIV Bali Arts Festival which consisted of Art UKM students and students from several Faculties at Udayana University.

The Peed Aya (March) activity and the 2022 PKB XLIV Opening were officially opened by the Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian representing the President of the Republic of Indonesia. The Bali Arts Festival XLIV took the theme "Danu Kerthi: Huluning Amreta" which means the glorification of water as a source of life. The choice of this theme also aims to implement the 2018-2023 Bali development vision, namely Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali which is programmed by the Bali Provincial government. Apart from Udayana University, Peed Aya's other participations include regencies/cities throughout the province of Bali, ISI Denpasar, STAHN MPU Kuturan Singaraja, Undiksha, Pasifika Museum, Bank Indonesia, BPD Bali, UHN Sugriwa, UNHI Denpasar, Mahasaraswati University, STIKOM Bali, University PGRI Mahadewa Indonesia, SMKN 3 Sukawati, and SMKN 5 Denpasar.

In this Peed Aya, Udayana University performed several dance accompaniments including dances in traditional Nusantara clothes, which means that Udayana University is a university that is a learning house for students from all over the archipelago. In addition, the Legong Dance, Pendet Dance, and Saraswati Dance are also displayed which are symbols of Science with the accompaniment of the Gamelan Gong Suling. Also presented was a performance that presented the theme of the PKB this time, namely "Danu Kerthi: Huluning Amreta" with Gebogan Dance (Hail Bumi) in collaboration with the Tedung (Keteduhan) Dance which means glorifying water as a source of life, where with flowing water everything in this world can growing axle which is symbolized by well-harvested crops so that it produces shade and coolness.

At the end of Peed Aya's performance at Udayana University, the Garuda Tirta Amerta Dance was performed, which is a common thread from the origin of water as the source of life. This Garuda Tirta Amerta dance also accompanies the Prabhu Udayana Dance which is a great dance from Udayana University. (HM)