UPT Udayana University Library Holds ScienceDirect Workshop Again

Jimbaran - Udayana University Library UPT for the second time held a Workshop Using ScienceDirect for Your Research and Learning which took place online, Wednesday (25/5/2022). The workshop was attended by around 450 participants consisting of lecturers, students, librarians and library staff at Udayana University.

In his remarks representing the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at Udayana University by the Head of UPT Library of Udayana University, Dr. Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari said that this workshop was held to introduce ScienceDirect which Udayana University has subscribed to for the past year. Unud subscribes to the ScienceDirect e-journal with 12 subjects consisting of 2522 journal titles.

12 Subjects subscribed, namely Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Business-Management-Accounting; Computer Science; Economics-Econometrics-Finance; Environmental Science; Engineering; Immunology and Microbiology; Health Sciences; Nursing and Health Profession; Materials Sciences; Psychology; and Social Sciences.

"E-Jurnals that have been subscribed to by Udayana University through the UPT Library can be used to facilitate learning, research preparation, publications, and of course to help find references for final assignments for students, so please use them optimally," explained the Head of UPT.

After the implementation of this activity, it is hoped that access to ScienceDirect by the academic community of Udayana University will increase and there will be no more difficulties in finding good references. Udayana University librarians are also expected to be able to help users if there are difficulties in using ScienceDirect.

This workshop presented Johan Jang, MSi, M.Pd, as Customer Consultant for Elsevier Southeast Asia, and was guided by moderator Widyadi Setiawan, M.T.