Disseminate Regulation of the Minister of Finance, Udayana University Implement Tax Socialization

The Bureau of Planning and Finance of Udayana University held a Tax Socialization, Tuesday (24/5/2022) at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Denpasar Campus. This socialization was carried out to socialize the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 58-60/PMK.03/2022 regarding tax collection, withholding, depositing, and reporting.

The activity was attended by the South Badung Primary Tax Office, Head of Planning and Finance Bureau, Head of SPI, BMN Coordinator, PPK, BPP, Financial Manager at Udayana University, Director of PT Bali Unggul Sejahtera (Balimall), and MBiz-Market.

Head of the Service Section of the South Badung Pratama Tax Service Office M. Bared Sholihin said the Minister of Finance Regulations Numbers 58, 59, and 60 are new regulations that come into effect as of May 1, 2022.

Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 58/PMK.03/2022 related to shopping activities in the market place. Minister of Finance Regulation Number 59/PMK.03/2022 relates to facilitating procurement through an electronic government procurement information system, regulating non-cash transactions. Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 60/PMK.03/2022 relates to the appointment of collectors to collect, deposit, and report on the use of taxes from outside the customs area within the customs area through an electronic system.

Head of the Bureau of Planning and Finance, Udayana University, Drs. I Komang Teken said, Udayana University as an educational institution currently manages a large enough budget to support the implementation of Udayana University's vision and mission and realize the achievement of the Chancellor's performance contract with the Ministry. This socialization is expected to provide an understanding of the obligation to pay and collect taxes in the financial management of Udayana University.

This socialization presented speakers from the South Badung Primary Tax Service Office, namely Lalu Mohamad Ramdi Wirasasaputra (tax instructor), Suzanne Oktaviani Ulfa (tax instructor), and Randy (treasurer). (MU)