Greening the Area, Udayana University Hospital Holds "Go Green Go Clean" Activities

Jimbaran - Udayana University Hospital (Unud Hospital) held a greening activity entitled "Go Green Go Clean" in the hospital area, Thursday (19/5/2022). This activity was attended by the Rector of Unud, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the President Director of the Unud Hospital and their ranks.

Director of the Unud Hospital, Prof. I Dewa Made Sukrama conveyed that the Go Green Go Clean activity was in order to welcome the national awakening day, where every employee is required to bring plants as well as doctors. In the future, the hospital area will be arranged and managed in a clean and green manner so that it becomes pride. Every visitor who comes sick can be cured. The atmosphere at night also looks like a hotel and the name of the hospital can be seen from afar. The President Director hopes that all activities carried out can go to hospitals that go green and go clean.

While the Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara expressed his appreciation to the leadership and management of the Unud Hospital, which of course the go green go clean event could have an impact and give great meaning to the hospital. This is a movement to make the campus greener and cleaner. This is the joint responsibility of all existing units. His party is grateful and hopes that it will have an impact on other units to do the same. It is hoped that in the future the area will become green and the activities carried out continuously.

The event was marked by a symbolic tree planting by the Rector, Director of the Unud Hospital and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.