Encompassing the 2022 MIPA ON-MIPA Delegation, Udayana University Conducts Internal Selection

Udayana University through the Student Affairs Bureau held the Internal Selection of the National Olympiad for Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ON-MIPA) at Udayana University in 2022 which took place in the Postgraduate Hall, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar. Thursday, (19/5/2022).

Head of ON-MIPA Internal Selection Prof. Ni Nyoman Rupiasih, S.Si.,M.Si.,Ph.D in her report said that ON-MIPA is an activity that is carried out regularly every year where in the previous year it was called the National Mathematics and Natural Sciences Competition (KN-MIPA) which was held annually. aims to encourage the enthusiasm and fighting power of the students to facilitate the talents and interests of students in achieving the best achievements in the field of pipelines and to conduct screening and coaching for potential competition participants at both the National and International levels.

The ON-MIPA selection covers four fields, namely mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. From the online selection registration, 92 participants were registered, consisting of 32 participants in biology, 20 in chemistry, 14 in physics and 26 in mathematics. This activity was carried out for two days from 19-20 May 2022, and for each of these fields the best 5 who would represent Unud to take part in the ON-MIPA selection at the regional level in 2022. In the conditions of the covid-19 pandemic, ON- MIPA is also implemented by implementing strict health protocols.

As the chairman of the committee, he hopes that the implementation of ON-MIPA will increase the enthusiasm of students to achieve achievements and can make Unud proud who will later become Unud ambassadors at the national and even international level.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Udayana University Student Affairs Bureau, Drs. I Ketut Kartika expressed his hope that the students who took part in this selection would later be able to enter the 20 people in four fields who could be guided and continue to be accompanied by the jury, because they would represent Udayana University at the regional level. "Hopefully the students who later represent Udayana University at the regional level can qualify for the National level". Strictly speaking. In addition, it is hoped that in the future the supervisors will continue to guide students at FMIPA so that they have potential achievements that can make Udayana University proud.