LAM PT-Kes Assessor Team Conducts Field Assessment Accreditation of Internal Medicine Specialist Study Program Faculty of Medicine Udayana University

The PT-Kes LAM Assessor Team conducted a field assessment of the Internal Medicine Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University in the context of Accreditation. The opening of the assessment was carried out in the Meeting Room of dr. A.A Made Djelantik Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University Sudirman Campus Denpasar, Wednesday (23/3/2022). Present on the occasion were the Rector of Udayana University, the Head of LP3M, the Head of USDI, the Head of the UPT Library, the President Director of Sanglah Hospital, the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University and the ranks along with Study Programs Coordinator, Professors and other invitees.

The assessors who attended were Dr. dr. Mohammad Rizki Akbar, M.Kes, Sp.JP(K), FIHA, FAsCC and dr. Aditiawati. Sp.A(K). The field assessment will take place over two days, 23-24 March 2022.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University, Dr. Komang Januartha Putra Pinatih in his speech said that as an educational institution, of course, Study Program has set a vision and mission and has standards to achieve it. Besides that, a quality assurance system is also needed to ensure that the entire process is carried out properly. Currently there is an internal evaluation, but it is also needed from external parties to find gaps and provide input for improvements to be better. The Dean hopes that the assessments made by the assessors are more objective so that they can get input that can be used as a reference in making improvements. Accreditation is not the final result, but as a trigger for how to carry out quality assurance on an ongoing basis so that it becomes a quality culture. The Dean gave his appreciation to all parties who contributed and hoped to achieve the best results considering that this Study Program is expected to step into international accreditation.

While the Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara on this occasion conveyed a glimpse of the existence of Udayana University, where 70 percent of study programs are accredited A and are directed to the accreditation of Superior. In FK itself there are 33 Study Programs and the Rector has high hopes for Faculty of Medicine and has often discussed with the Dean to develop Study Programs, one of which is related to accreditation to lead to international accreditation. In Faculty of Medicine, a new study program will also be formed. In the acceptance of new students, competition is very tight considering the extraordinary public interest in Study Programs.

Furthermore, the Rector informed that the quality assurance system at Udayana University was escorted by LP3M, the information system by USDI, the development of supporting infrastructure such as the UPT Library which was developed digitally and has also subscribed to the Sciencedirect journal, infrastructure development such as the new Dean, RSGM, Student Dormitory and Hotel. The Rector is committed to empowering assets to increase university income and also towards PTN BH. The Rector of Udayana University appreciated all parties who contributed to the implementation of this assessment and the Assessor Team and hoped to achieve results as expected.

Representative of the Assessment Team Dr. Mohammad Rizki Akbar said that his party as the representative of LAM-PTKes had conducted an online evaluation last year and of course this time to complete it by conducting an offline assessment which can only be done at this time. This accreditation is to ensure that all Study Programs can carry out a quality culture well. In this assessment, it can be seen that the Study Program has prepared well and has also received extraordinary support from the Professor. This gives a clear picture of the cohesiveness that is owned. He hoped that this process would run smoothly and the results obtained would be maximum.

During the opening, a video of the study program's dance, namely the Mahameru Symbol and the Mars Song, which was the work of the academic community in the study program, was also shown and the study program profile video was shown.