Udayana University Releases 20 Pencak Silat Athletes in the 2022 Banyuwangi Championship National Tournament

The Vice Rector for Student Affairs at Udayana University, represented by the Student Welfare Coordinator, released a contingent of pencak silat athletes who would compete in the Banyuwangi Championship 2 event, Saturday, March 19 at the Postgraduate Building Hall of Udayana University.

The release of the athletes was attended by the chairman and secretary of the UPO, coaches, and coaches as well as 20 athletes who were members of the Merpati Putih UKM, Perisai Diri, and the Setia Hati Teratai Brotherhood. The Banyuwangi Championship 2 National Tournament was attended by 21 universities from Java, Bali, NTT and Kalimantan.

In his direction, the Student Welfare Coordinator representing the Vice Rector for Student Affairs at Udayana University, Drs. Ketut Kartika said that Udayana University fully supports student activities, both academic and non-academic, to help improve the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (IKU). In addition, for the admission of new students in 2022, Udayana University has opened New Student Registration for the Achievement Independent Path.

Chairperson of the Ormawa Development Unit (UPO), Drs. I Wayan Santiyasa, M.Sc. hopes that the 20 athletes who will compete on March 21-22 2022 will get the best achievements for Udayana University.