Udayana University Holds Finalization of Rector's Regulation on "Student Organization"

The Student Bureau of Udayana University finalized the Rector's Regulation on Student Organization in Udayana University, Saturday (12/93/2022) at the Sthala a Tribute Portfolio Hotel Ubud.

The event, which was opened by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, was attended by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni at the Pendidikan Nasional University, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs at Mahasaraswati University, and the Rector's Regulation Drafting Team regarding Student Organizations at Udayana University.

Vice Rector for Student Affairs at Udayana University Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana in his speech conveyed that the finalization of the Preparation of the Rector Regulation aims to regulate Student Organizations at the Study Program, Faculties, and University levels so that they are more focused in carrying out activities other than organizing but also leading to achievement. Of course, this achievement is the goal of Udayana University's target to achieve Key Performance Indicators (IKU) and the fulfillment of SIMKATMAWA.

On a larger scale, of course, universities have a role to support and develop existing talents, both students and lecturers, in preparing the 2045 Golden Indonesia Talents. Through the Vision of Indonesian Gold 2045 Talents echoed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the support of Higher Education in developing talents can be regulated through Rector's Regulation regarding Student Organizations. This year, Udayana University opens new student admissions through the Independent Achievement Track Tracking (PJMP) which is one form of facilitating golden talents to have the opportunity to continue their higher education.

This activity presents resource persons Drs. Hendrie Adji Kusworo, M.Sc., Ph.D. as the Coordinator of the Team for Drafting Guidelines for the Implementation of Student Organization Activities in 2022 at the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education and Culture, moderated by Drs. I Wayan Santiyasa, M.Sc. as Chairman of the Rector's Regulation Drafting Team.