ITEKES Bali Initiates Collaboration with Udayana University

The Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information at Udayana University accompanied by the Head of BAKH, Coordinator of Pharmacist Profession Study Program, Head of UPIKS Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Sub-Coordinator for Domestic Cooperation received a visit from the Rector of the Institute of Technology and Health (ITEKES) Bali at the Language Room of the Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Thursday (17 /2/2022).

The visit of the Rector of ITEKES Bali is related to the plan to develop the Clinical Pharmacy Study Program and the Community Health Faculty of ITEKES Bali in order to establish communication and cooperation with the Pharmacist Profession Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Udayana University.

Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information Udayana University Prof. I Putu Gede Adiatmika on the occasion said that there had been an MoU between Udayana University and ITEKES Bali which was signed at the end of December 2020 and is still valid. He welcomed the visit of the Rector of ITEKES in the context of implementing the MoU through follow-up cooperation in the development of the Clinical and Community Pharmacy Study Program.

Meanwhile, the Rector of ITEKES Bali I Gede Putu Darma Suyasa, Ph.D appreciated the acceptance from Udayana University, where the purpose of this meeting was to get directions related to strategies and tricks for developing one of the Study Programs, namely Clinical and Community Pharmacy which already has 50 students and is well accredited. Besides that, there are two other things, namely cooperation related to the implementation of the Tridharma in Study Programs (teaching, research collaboration and community service) and the opportunity for alumni to be able to continue in the Pharmacist Profession Program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Unud because ITEKES itself does not have it.

The Coorporate of Professional Pharmacists on this occasion opened up opportunities for Tridharma collaboration which could also be a value in itself for the institution. Besides that, the study program also has cooperation with the industrial world and further coordination can be carried out for technical cooperation that will be established. Regarding student admissions, it was conveyed that registration is now open and welcome to see the admission process and requirements. An explanation regarding the student admission system for the Unud Postgraduate Program was added by the Head of BAKH.