Udayana University with Yamaguchi University Holds International Symposium

Yamaguchi University in collaboration with Udayana University held an International Symposium with the theme "Basic Knowledge of Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment for Conservation of Water Environment in Bali" which took place online through the Zoom Meeting application, Monday (07/02/2022). The implementation of this symposium is the implementation of cooperation between Yamaguchi University Japan and Udayana University Bali.

Present as resource persons from universities in Indonesia and Japan, namely Drs. Herry Hamdani (KLHK, Jakarta), Prof. Tsuyoshi IMAI (Yamaguchi University), Prof. Wayan Budiarsa Suyasa (Udayana University), Dr. eng. Ni Nyoman Pujianiki, ST.,MT.,M.Eng (Udayana University), Mr. Kurihara Kazumi and Mr. Akhmad Riva'i (PT. Earth Creative).

Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara who in his speech said that the aquatic environment is very important for a maritime country like Indonesia. The rapid economic development that accompanies this cannot be separated from the environmental burden, and this is a big problem in Indonesia. Last year's IPCC (2021) report made it clear that climate change is caused by human factors. In the future, humanity must consider the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He also said that before the Corona problem, the island of Bali was visited by 4 million tourists per year. Tourism, environment and culture are very important and all interrelated on the island of Bali. I hope this symposium can contribute to a better understanding and development of the aquatic environment in Indonesia and Bali.

Mr. Karashima Hiroyasu (MOEJ) in his speech expressed his appreciation for the very good response from all academic circles which can be seen from the enthusiasm of the participants and resource persons who attended the event through Zoom meetings both from Japan and Indonesia. It is hoped that the participants will be enthusiastic in participating in this event and gain knowledge from the speakers.