Udayana University Holds First Lecture for Graduate Program Students, Rector Expects for Graduate on Time

Denpasar - Udayana University held an inaugural lecture for Masters, Doctoral, Professional and Specialist Doctors Programs which took place online through the Cisco Webex application, Wednesday (2/2/2022).

Director of Postgraduate Udayana University Prof. Linawati in her report said that there were a total of 235 new students consisting of the Doctoral study program level, namely one person at the Doctor of Animal Husbandry, for the master level there were five students spread across the Masters Study Programs in Agribusiness, Animal Science, Food Science and Technology, as well as Agroecotechnology, at the Masters level. Profession there are 85 students spread across three professional programs namely Professional Engineers as many as 40 people, Pharmacists 30 people and Veterinarians 15 people. While the most at the PPDS level were 144 students spread across 19 programs. In this inaugural lecture, all leaders at Udayana University will be introduced so that new students recognize leaders at both the university and faculty levels, then proceed with the delivery of important material for Postgraduate students delivered by relevant sources. The education system at Udayana University was delivered by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Tips and Tricks for successful graduate studies which were given in the form of a Public Lecture by the Chair of the Unud Senate, Information Technology Services, Communications and Information Systems at Udayana University by USDI, Journal Information and Publications by the Chairperson of JUPI, The Library Information System includes access to prestigious journals that have been subscribed to by Unud such as Science Direct by the Head of UPT Library. In the Post itself, training and dissemination of access to Science Direct have also been carried out for Postgraduate students.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his speech opening the First Lecture expressed his gratitude for choosing Unud as a place to continue education, and joining the academic community of Udayana University. It has become a tradition at the beginning of lectures, whether odd or even semesters, starting with the First Lecture. Today is the first day for lectures this semester, and lectures in addition to taking place offline are also possible online or hybrid. If you want to go offline, you must meet several requirements that have been set through the Rector's Circular Letter. If there are students who want to study online, they must coordinate with the related study programs. The Rector of Udayana University hopes that the lectures will run according to shared expectations and the quality of lectures will be maintained according to existing standards. Timely graduation should also be a concern, because it has an impact on institutional accreditation. At least each study program must graduate on time 70 percent and a drop out policy has been designed in accordance with academic rules.

Through this opportunity, the Rector also informed the facilities at Unud such as subscriptions to the Science Direct journal which can be accessed by all study programs, as well as building and laboratory improvements in each faculty. His party also emphasized that students must meet at least 16 times in one semester, to be able to take the final semester exam. The Rector hopes that students can carry out their duties as students as well as possible and graduate on time.

As the resource person, namely the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja with material at a glance about Udayana University and the education system where the maximum length of study is for profession of 3 years, Masters for 3 years, Sp-1 for 7 years, Doctoral for 5 years and Sp-2 for 5 years. Chairman of the Senate of Udayana University Prof. I Gede Mahardika with material on the implementation of Udayana University vision in Postgraduate education at Udayana University. Secretary of USDI with material on information and communication technology support for education at Udayana University in the Industrial Revolution Era. Journal and Publication Information was delivered by JUPI representatives, as well as material related to library information by the Head of Udayana University Library.