Udayana University Holds Release of Fish and Birds in the Rectorate Building Area of ​​Seri Rahina Tumpek Uye

Jimbaran - In accordance with the Instruction of the Governor of Bali Number 1 of 2022 concerning the celebration of Rahina Tumpek Uye with the Danu Kerthi ceremony as the implementation of the life rules of the Balinese people based on the values ​​of local wisdom of Sad Kerthi in the new era of Bali, the release of fish and birds was carried out in the area of ​​the Rectorate Building Unud Jimbaran Campus, Saturday (29/1/2022).

The Rector of Udayana University together with the Vice Rectors, the Chair and Secretary of the Senate as well as all leaders who were present at the Inauguration of Professors and Dharma Wanita Unity of Udayana University released fish and birds centered in the Dalem Balembong Temple area to coincide with Rahina Tumpek Uye. This activity was carried out before the implementation of the Udayana University Professor Inauguration event.