SMA Negeri 1 Balai Riam Central Kalimantan Visits Udayana University

Udayana University received a visit from SMA Negeri 1 Balai Riam Central Kalimantan at the Bukit Jimbaran Library Building, Tuesday (25/01/2022). This visit aims to broaden the students' knowledge to get to know Udayana University more closely and to foster students' interest in continuing their education to the tertiary level. This visit was attended by 17 students who were accompanied by 5 accompanying teachers.

The Coordinator of Cooperation and Public Relations of Udayana University, Hamidiah Yunus, on this occasion said that since the last two years, Udayana University had not received visits from high schools from various provinces in Indonesia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the current conditions that face-to-face learning and direct meetings have been implemented while still implementing strict health protocols, SMAN 1 Balai Riam can directly see the condition of Udayana University, and it is hoped that it will bring benefits to students who one day are expected to have students. from SMA Negeri 1 Riam who studied at Udayana University.

Meanwhile, one of the accompanying teachers, Aris Kurniawan, on this occasion said that SMAN 1 Balai Riam Kalteng annually has a Study Tour and Study Comparison program to various campuses in Indonesia. Aris Kurniawan hopes that through this Study Tour, students of SMAN 1 Balai Riam have the motivation to continue their education to various campuses visited, one of which is Udayana University.

The technical explanation about Udayana University was delivered by the Academic and Evaluation Sub-Coordinator I Made Budiastrawan which included an overview including the existence of 13 Faculties, an explanation of the new student admissions path, information about various scholarships, and an introduction to other Unud advantages.