Rector Receives Audience from Udayana University Alumni Association Management (IKAYANA)

Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara accompanied by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs received the audience of the IKAYANA Management at the Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Monday (10/1/2022).

The Rector appreciated the meeting with the IKAYANA Management, and in the near future through the Vice Rector for Student Affairs will hold a meeting with IKAYANA in the context of restructuring so that communication between the University as an institution and alumni through IKAYANA goes well. IKAYANA is expected to make a major contribution to the University and is expected to work together to advance the institution.

The management of IKAYANA also appreciated this meeting as well as a gathering event. It was also conveyed that until now there are still many alumni who have not been registered at IKAYANA.

In the discussion, it is hoped that the existence of IKAYANA can provide solutions to various problems faced. In addition, IKAYANA is also expected to be able to contribute to the provision of scholarships and the implementation of tracer studies.