Three Candidates for Head of Student Affairs Bureau at Udayana University Take Final Interviews

Denpasar - Monday (27/12/2021) the Selection Committee (Pansel) conducted a final interview with three candidates for the Head of the Student Affairs Bureau at Udayana University at the BPPS Room, Postgraduate Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar. The candidates for the Head of Bureau were interviewed by the Pansel Team consisting of the Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance, Prof. Dr. I Gusti Bagus Wiksuana, SE., MS as the Chair of the Pansel, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Gede Supartha, SE., SU, Regional Secretary of Badung Regency, Vice Rector for Academic, Student Affairs and Alumni of ISI Denpasar and from professional or community elements, namely dr. I Nyoman Arcana, Sp. biok.

Three candidates who passed the administrative selection as candidates for the Head of the Student Affairs Bureau and had participated in the idea test or presentation presentation and managerial competency selection, namely Ni Ketut Yudani, SE., Drs. I Ketut Kartika, and I Gusti Ketut Oka Gunarta, S.Sos who are now participating in the final interview.

Vice Rector Prof. IGB Wiksuana conveyed that the selection process went according to a predetermined schedule starting with online registration and registration, administrative selection, job tracking, integrity and morality, written ideas, selection of managerial competencies by the Psychology Study Program Team and is now entering the final interview stage. The determination and determination of the three best participants was carried out on December 28, 2021, followed by the submission of the results or the Pansel report to the Minister of Education and Technology on December 29, 2021.

It is hoped that through this selection process, candidates for the Head of the Student Affairs Bureau are reliable, have managerial and technical skills, understand various activities in the field of student affairs, so that they are able to carry out their duties in order to support the performance of the Vice Rector for Student Affairs.