DWP Unud Celebrates the Peak of the 22nd Anniversary of DWP, Coupled with Training to Wear Balinese Bun

Dharma Wanita Persatuan Udayana University (DWP Unud) celebrated the peak of the 22nd anniversary of DWP on Tuesday (7/12) at the DWP Unud Secretariat, Jalan Doktor Goris Denpasar. The peak of the anniversary celebration took place simply by cutting the cone. The event was then continued with training using Balinese bun or pusung tagel and social gathering.

Head of DWP Unud, Mrs. Dayu Bulan Antara said that this training was given because of the many activities and events that must be attended by the women of DWP Unud in a kebaya. So that kebaya clothes need to be combined with hair makeup, namely a bun. The goal is that later DWP women can do their own hair so it's faster and more efficient or they can send it to the people closest to them, even DWP women can look for additional income from their hairdressing skills.

It was further stated that the forerunner of the DWP came from a women's organization which in 1974 was urged by Mrs. Tien as the First Lady to form a women's organization. Finally, Dharma Wanita was formed on August 15, 1974 during the reign of President Suharto. During the reformation period in 1998, the Dharma Wanita organization became Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) according to the name of President Kyai Abdurrachman Wahid's cabinet named Persatuan Nasional.

Along with the development of time, on 6-7 December 1999 an extraordinary National Conference was held with the agenda of ratifying the DWP's articles of association. In the AD/ART it is also emphasized that this social organization is named Dharma Wanita Persatuan, whose members are the wives of the ASN. This social organization is engaged in education, economy, social and culture. It was emphasized that this organization had no political content, was independent and very democratic.

Meanwhile, as the Chairperson of the DWP Unud, Mrs. Dayu Bulan translated the DWP's vision and mission by urging the women members of the Udayana University to play an active role in supporting government programs, in advancing national development.

DWP Unud can contribute to the Panca Dharma Wanita Persatuan, namely being a companion for husbands who serve as ASN, carrying out the role of women, namely producing the next generation of the nation, carrying out functions as educators and cultivators of children, as well as being useful members of the community for the homeland and nation.

Along with the times that force mothers to be in conditions of increasingly severe life pressures, she hopes that the women of DWP Unud can earn additional income to increase family income. "Most of all, by becoming a member of the DWP Unud organization, women can become useful members of the community for the homeland and the nation," he said.

The heterogeneous educational background and occupations of the DWP women make Udayana DWP women very busy and find it difficult to divide their time, but it is said that members of the Unud DWP are very committed to carrying out organizational activities with all the consequences. Entering the age of 22, DWP Unud will continue to carry out various activities so that members can actively participate, and hopefully DWP Unud will be more advanced, successful and victorious.