Udayana University Follows Healthy Campus Orientation Online

The Udayana University Working Group (Pokja) team participated in the implementation of the Healthy Campus Orientation held by the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health.

This orientation took place online through a Zoom meeting and was attended by the Health Campus Working Group Team of Udayana University, North Sumatra University and Hasanuddin University, Tuesday (30/11/2021). The Pokja team consists of management and technical elements from the University and representatives of the Faculty/Postgraduate. The orientation will last for three days (30 November - 2 December 2021).

This orientation aims to provide debriefing for a healthy campus team who will coordinate efforts in implementing a healthy campus. Orientation participants include management and technical elements from the University and Faculties, as well as representatives of the Provincial, Regency or City Health Office where the campus is located.

Materials presented in the 3 day orientation included (1) Strategies and Mechanisms for Developing Healthy Lampus (2) Efforts to Prevent and Control Communicable Diseases in Higher Education (3) Technical Implementation of Healthy Campuses (4) Mental Health and Application of Zero Tolerance - regional without smoking (5) Management of a Healthy, Safe, Comfortable and Sustainable Environment in Higher Education (6) Efforts to Prevent and Control P2PTM (7) Application of Consumption and Healthy Food and Balanced Nutrition, and (8) Early Detection of Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factors (9 ) The concept of a Healthy Campus, PHBS, healthy and fit with increased physical activity, and (10) Monitoring and Evaluation of the Healthy Campus Program.

Present at the opening ceremony of Plt. Director General of P2P, Coordinator of Substance, Diabetes Mellitus & Metabolic Disorders, Vice Chancellor for Planning, Cooperation and Information Unud Prof. I Putu Gede Adiatmika and the Udayana University Health Campus Working Group Team.

Substance Coordinator, Diabetes Mellitus & Metabolic Disorders dr. Lily Banonah Rivai, M.Epid in her report said that a healthy campus is a systematic effort to integrate health in the campus environment, so that a healthy living culture is formed which is expected to improve the health status of the campus community in particular and have an impact on the Indonesian people.

This healthy campus is one of the manifestations of the healthy living community movement. Healthy Campus 2021 was developed at four universities, namely Diponegoro University, North Sumatra University, Udayana University and Hasanuddin University. Orientation is carried out using two methods, namely offline at Undip and online at USU, Unud and Unhas.

While Plt. Director General of P2P dr. Elvieda Sariwati, M.Epid in her speech said that this orientation activity is one part of the process of developing a healthy campus program which is expected to be developed in all universities in Indonesia. Plt. The Director General expressed his appreciation to universities that have been willing to become the locus for the development of the Healthy Campus program in Indonesia. This is a good start in order to improve the welfare of the community, especially in the campus environment and its surroundings. As is known, universities are a place for education for the younger generation and a gathering place for productive age groups, so it has the potential to form agents of change for the health sector which are expected to contribute to improving the health of the Indonesian people. This program is a breakthrough by the Ministry of Health to create a culture of healthy living in the campus environment.