UPT Library Unud Holds Workshop "Using Science Direct for your Research and Learning"

UPT Udayana University Library held a Workshop Using Science Direct for your Research and Learning which took place online through the Webex application, Thursday (25/11/2021).

This workshop was opened by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Unud and presented Johan Jang, Customer Consultant Elsevier Southeast Asia and as moderator the Head of UPT Library Unud Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja in his speech said that the workshop organized by the UPT Library is very important for the academic community of Unud. The Vice Rector gave his appreciation to the resource persons who would share information related to this Science Direct. This activity is the starting point for making Science Direct viral. It is hoped that the program from the university leadership can be utilized optimally in facilitating the community both lecturers and students to facilitate learning, facilitate the preparation of proposals, make it easier to make outputs or publications and of course also the final project. We often have problems with references, but now the University has subscribed to 2522 journal titles from 12 subjects. The 12 subjects are agricultural and biological sciences with 203 journal titles; business, management and accounting as many as 100 journal titles; economics, econometrics and finance as many as 109 journal titles; computer science as many as 163 journal titles; engineering as many as 249 journal titles; environmental science as many as 151 journal titles; health sciences as many as 758 journal titles; immunology and microbiology as many as 128 journal titles; nursing and health professions as many as 117 journal titles; material sciences as many as 175 journal titles; psychology as many as 134 journal titles and social sciences as many as 235 journal titles.

It was further stated that the subscription to this journal was to facilitate performance at Unud. For that how and how to use it. For this reason, through this activity various things were discussed, so that they could be utilized optimally. This is also to eliminate the confusion of students and lecturers who are conducting research or who will conduct research in finding references for the preparation of proposals or final assignments, and now this journal is present in the Unud Library. For this reason, this journal should be used as well as possible. Participants are expected to dig up information, especially features that must be known and understood which will be discussed in this workshop.

Appreciation is also given to the team at the library who have prepared for this and continue to improve the performance of the library, which currently has obtained accreditation A. University leadership will support to improve performance in providing maximum service to students and lecturers.

Participants who attend are also expected to be able to make it viral to their fellow colleagues, so that they can be utilized as much as possible, and are beneficial for universities and the world of education.

Meanwhile, the resource person, Johan Jang, in his presentation briefly explained about elsevier's profile which had been established since 1580 and how to access the journal ScienceDirect.com. This journal can be accessed via a connection with wifi in the Unud library or from their respective residences through the activation of the remote access application using the Unud domain email.