Udayana University Holds Entrepreneurship General Seminar "Entrepreneurial Students Towards the Industrial Era 5.0"

Udayana University through the Entrepreneurship Development Unit of the Student Affairs Bureau held a General Entrepreneurship Seminar with the theme "Entrepreneurial Students Towards the Industrial Era 5.0" in the framework of the 2021 Entrepreneurial Festival Gebyar which took place online through the Cisco Webex application, Saturday (11/13/2021).

This activity presented two qualified speakers, namely Nurhadi Irbath and Haryo Kusuma Wibawa with Dr. Ni Putu Ariantari. Apart from Unud, this activity was also attended by participants from several universities in Bali. The material presented was about 'pitching to convince people' and 'developing digital branding'.

Head of EDC Unud Dr. Sagung Chandra Yowani in his report as chairman of the committee said that this activity is the first event in a series of activities that are routinely carried out every year which is expected to arouse student interest in entrepreneurship not only at Udayana University but also in Bali. Even though it is still a pandemic period, we must welcome the digital era according to the theme raised this time. It is hoped that students will not be discouraged because they carry out online activities and will not stop being rich and continue to update themselves and develop their entrepreneurship. The Gebyar will be filled with presentations of business products from students receiving funds from the Ministry's Directorate and Unud Rectorate. This is also the first event and there will be more to come. In his report, the Chairperson of EDC also expressed his gratitude to all parties who have supported the implementation of this activity, where there will be another similar activity next month.

The event was opened by the Rector of Unud who on this occasion was represented by the Head of the Student Affairs Bureau. In his speech, the Head of BKM I Dewa Gede Oka expressed his appreciation for the willingness of the resource persons to provide material. Representing the university leadership, the Head of BKM really appreciates the parties involved in this activity, especially the Chair of the EDC as the executor of the activity in a pandemic situation that is still not over. This activity is important and this is one of the annual programs developed by Unud through the entrepreneurship unit with the hope that graduates who are involved in entrepreneurship can improve their quality. From the institutional side, we also really hope to create graduates who are engaged in the field of entrepreneurship so that they will not only become job seekers but also create jobs for others. That is the main goal of developing an entrepreneurial unit. Besides funding support from the Ministry, the number of entrepreneurial students funded by the University is also quite large. The university strongly encourages this activity because it has become a necessity and is one of the performance indicators of the Ministry, namely in IKU related to graduates who get jobs including entrepreneurs. The university constantly encourages students to be more involved in entrepreneurship through development units. The Head of BKM hopes that this activity can inspire and the program will run well according to the predetermined objectives.