BAN-PT Conducts Online Field Assessment for Biology Doctoral Program, FMIPA Unud

The BAN-PT Assessor Team conducted an online Field Assessment of the Biology Doctoral Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University, Friday (11/5/2021). The Assessor Team assigned by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT), namely Prof. Dr. Tati Suryati Syamsudin, DEA from ITB and Prof. L. Hartanto Nugroho from UGM. This field assessment is in the context of implementing accreditation in 2021.

The opening of the assessment was attended by the Rector of Udayana University, Chairman of LP3M, Chairman of LPPM, Head of Library UPT, Secretary of USDI, Dean and Vice Dean of FMIPA, Chair of the Senate of FMIPA, Coordiants of Study Programs, Taskforce Team, Lecturers, Employees, Students and Partners.

Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his speech said that the university leadership has a great commitment to the development of the Biology Doctoral Study Program. The existence of the Study Program is very important in playing a role as a center for the development of tropical mega-biodiversity education which needs to be promoted, especially in the central part of Indonesia. Furthermore, the Rector conveyed a glimpse of the university's profile, which is currently preparing to go to PTN BH. Accreditation is very important for institutions where the current AIPT status is A which will be automatically renewed and will be upgraded to excellence through the Conversion Supplement Instrument. Good accreditation can increase student interest, one of which is to meet the requirements for receiving scholarships. The Rector hopes that through this activity it will provide objective information related to the shortcomings so that in the future the Study Program can become one of the superiors at Udayana University. The Rector also appreciated the performance of the Taskforce Team and asked for the guidance of the Assessor Team for the development of Study Programs. The Rector also hopes that the assessment will run smoothly and get the desired results.

Assessor Prof. Tuti Suryati Syamsudin conveyed from the experience of the online assessment carried out by BAN-PT that it did not reduce the essence of the process that had to be carried out. This assessment process is to get to know and confirm the documents that have been submitted to BAN-PT. Assessors also gave appreciation for having prepared this activity.

While the Assessor Prof. L. Hartanto Nugroho added that the presence of university leaders was an honor and also expressed his appreciation for the acceptance from Unud. Through this activity, we share experiences in institutional development.