Udayana University Student Bureau Downstream Student Creativity Program

In the context of downstreaming the results of the Student Creativity Program (PKM), the Student Affairs Bureau of Udayana University conducted community service in Belimbing Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan on Friday (22/10). The service event began with praying together and washing at Mekori Temple, followed by the opening ceremony at Wantilan, Belimbing Village.

This service is an application of one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely community service which aims to implement research activities that have been carried out, both by lecturers and students. "What the research produces is not only a book, a journal, but it can be implemented to the community and of course for community empowerment," explained the Vice Rector for Student Affairs at Udayana University, Prof. Ir. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana, MT., PhD.

Accompanied by the Head of the Student Affairs Bureau of Udayana University, I Dewa Gede Oka, Prof. Ngakan said that this student activity has a significant effect on university rankings, so he hopes that all parties can improve their performance. "Let's improve performance together, be it in the field of research, achievement, service, MBKM, because all of these are performance targets given by the ministry," he added.

The Belimbing village side, represented by the Perbekel and the Head of the BPD, really appreciates this activity, considering that there has been cooperation with Udayana University since 2007 until now. I Nyoman Surianto as Perbekel Desa hopes that through this collaboration there will be information sharing and technological advances that exist among academics, so that they can open horizons and insights for human resources in Belimbing village. "We hope that this collaboration or synergy will continue for years to come, we are very ready and we are very welcome to accept Udayana University," added Nyoman Surianto.

There are three areas that are implemented in this service, including fostering pokdarwis related to excellent service and tourism promotion, transfer of gapting technology and source-based waste management. Dr. Ir. I Ketut Sardiana, M.Sc., as the Chairperson of the Udayana Student Creative Center (USCC) said that this activity was carried out by three groups of students, "for the guidance of the Pokdarwis by a group of students from the Faculty of Tourism, then waste processing by a group of students at the Faculty of Engineering, while For plant propagation techniques to support agro-tourism, it is carried out by younger students from the Faculty of Agriculture," he explained. This program is a form of village community development and empowerment program that is carried out independently and is also expected to be a form of the Merdeka Campus program. This activity is an initial series or launching and the training will be carried out over the next three months spread across the Belimbing village area according to the target group. "If the Pokdarwis is to develop a trekking route for tourism development, it is located in the Suradadi hamlet. Meanwhile, the plant propagation technique is carried out in the Duren Taluh hamlet, and the Waste Bank activities cover the entire village.” said Ketut Sardiana.