LPPM Unud Distributes Food Package Aid to Earthquake Affected Residents in Pempatan Village and Terunyan Village

In an effort to help ease the burden on victims affected by the 4.8 magnitude earthquake centered 8 km northwest of Karangasem Regency last Saturday (16/10), the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) of Udayana University carried out institutional services in terms of disaster mitigation. The service was carried out by distributing donations in the form of food packages which were distributed at two locations, namely in Pempatan Village, Rendang District, Karangasem Regency and Terunyan Village, precisely at the Kedisan Command Post, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency on Thursday (21/10).

The arrival of the LPPM Unud Team was warmly welcomed by the Pempatan Village, represented by the Village Perbekel, I Nengah Suta, his party expressed his gratitude for the assistance that had been given considering the economic condition of the community was weak during the Covid-19 pandemic. "As for this assistance with the situation in the community, especially in the village of Pempatan, it is very useful," said Nengah Suta. The number of basic food assistance distributed in the village of Pempatan was 157 packages.

Head of LPPM Unud, Prof. Dr. dr. I Nyoman Suarsana, M.Sc., said, “We are doing the same thing here in Terunyan Village, with a total of 157 food packages. Well, the contents are more or less, there is rice, there is oil, there is bread, there are noodles, which can be used by the community in a short time.” He hopes that this assistance can relieve the community at least in the next one or two weeks and can reach the community according to the schedule that has been arranged by the Disaster Management Task Force in each district.

Met while on duty, I Kadek Agus Sutapa as Head of Emergency and Logistics BPBD Bangli Regency, conveyed the situation of the Earthquake Disaster Emergency Field Post, Kedisan is currently quite busy because the process of loading goods in and out is ongoing. Together with a joint team from elements of the TNI, Polri, Transportation, Basarnas, and volunteers, his party has been working since the earthquake occurred. Agus thanked all donors who have provided donations and logistical support to the community, both from individuals, organizations and levels of government, including LPPM Unud for their form of empathy. "Hopefully, with the support of the aid package distributed today, hopefully it can relieve our residents who are on the other side of the lake currently not in a normal life," he added. Agus also said that currently there are three isolated villages, namely the villages of Terunyan, Abangsongan and Abang Batudinding, due to land access which is still prone to landslides so that it is changed through water or lake routes.

To assist disaster recovery efforts, LPPM Unud plans to continue its assistance in the form of student placements for Real Work Lectures (KKN) in the next period in February-March. Assistance can be in terms of post-disaster trauma-healing, site clean-up, as well as health and economic development. "Well, we hope that it will continue, this will not only stop in the form of providing assistance, yes, but we will follow up with one (placement) of KKN students, secondly there will also be several lecturer submissions that we will direct to these locations in accordance with their respective fields." explained Prof. Suarsana.