Unud Hospital Holds Webinar "Innovation of Covid-19 Services at Udayana University Hospital Towards A Rising Indonesia"

Udayana University Hospital held a Webinar "Innovation of Covid-19 Services at Udayana University Hospital Towards A Rising Indonesia" which took place online and live streaming on the YouTube account of Unud Hospital, Friday (15/10/2021). The webinar was opened by the Rector of Unud and also attended by the Chairman of the Joint Committee of the Indonesian PTN Hospital, the Directors of the PTN Hospital, and the President Director of the Unud Hospital.

Rector of Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara in his speech expressed his appreciation for the implementation of the Webinar that had been carried out by the Unud Hospital. In carrying out its vision and mission, the Unud Hospital, besides being a place for student learning in the medical field, is also expected to carry out the function of providing services to the surrounding community. Unud Hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic was appointed as a Covid-19 referral hospital so that its contribution to the community is truly extraordinary and hopefully it can be increased in the future. Through this opportunity, the Rector also expressed his appreciation to all those involved in the service of Covid-19 patients. The Rector hopes that the Webinar will have a good impact on the development of the Unud Hospital.

The webinar presents two Keynote Speakers, namely Rector of Unud Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng.,IPU with material on Integrated and Quality Campus Education Ecosystems and the Director of Unud Hospital Dr. dr. I Dewa Made Sukrama, M.Si, Sp.MK (K) with material on the Commitment of the Unud Hospital as a Real Contribution in Handling Covid-19 Towards A Rising Indonesia and as moderator, namely Dr. dr. Ni Made Susilawathi, Sp.S(K).

In the Webinar, a symposium was also held, presenting three speakers, namely dr. I Wayan Aryabiantara, Sp.An-KIC with the topic of Transforming Udayana University Hospital Services Towards A Rising Indonesia, dr. Made Ayu Haryati, MARS with the topic of Financial Security and Infrastructure Management Strategy for Unud Hospital During the Covid-19 Pandemic Towards A Rising Indonesia and dr. Komang Ayu Witarini, Sp.A(K) with the topic of Adaptation Strategies and Strengthening of Human Resources and Educational and Research Innovations at Udayana University Hospital.