Bureau of Planning and Finance Unud Holds BIMTEK on Procedures for Revision and Preparation of the 2022 RKA

The Bureau of Planning and Finance (BPKU) of Udayana University held Technical Guidance on Procedures for Revision and Preparation of Activity Plans and Budgets for 2022, at Grand Mirah Boutique Hotel Denpasar, Thursday (7/10/2021). The event was opened by the Head of BPKU Drs. I Komang Signed and followed by SILUNA operators from each work unit within Unud. This technical guidance was also attended by participants from ISI Denpasar and Bali State Polytechnic.

Head of BPKU Drs. I Komang Signed in his speech said that the Bimtem was intended to increase the knowledge and ability of participants who handle the planning sector in planning the use of the budget. The financial planning carried out by the Work Unit must also refer to the implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education, and the Renja which is prepared in accordance with the account set by the university. To USDI as the program developer at Udayana University, it is hoped that it can help develop SILUNA to simplify the work system, and to avoid errors in inputting, considering that this is often an auditor's finding, especially related to inventory. The Head of BPKU hopes that participants can participate in activities as well as possible, so that they can add insight and give birth to new innovations in preparing budget plans.

The materials presented were the procedure for revising DIPA, drafting RKA proposals, using SILUNA (Planning Solution System), technical input proposals in SILUNA and SILUNA input training with resource persons from the Directorate General of Treasury (DJPb) Bali Province, the USDI Unud Team and the Planning Section. The resource persons from DJPb who attended were Natalia Mardiati, Head of PPA IB Section of the DJPb Bali Regional Office with material on planning and budgeting for the Public Service Agency.