KBMI 2021 Business Progress Assessment takes place Online

As a follow-up to the implementation of reporting on the progress of the 2021 Indonesian Student Entrepreneurial Activities (KBMI) program, the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs of the Directorate General of Diktiristek carried out an assessment of the business progress of the 2021 KBMI program which took place online through the Zoom application, Saturday (25/9/2021).

Udayana University passed as many as 7 groups of entrepreneurial students in the 2021 KBMI event. The product names are Bersihin.Kuy, Clove, Kacritayang, Kissme.Bali, Kita VCO Bali, Reproduction and Wijaya Farm. The students who passed the KBMI came from the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Students take part in the assessment together in the USCC meeting room, IV Floor, Agrocomplex Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar. Also present to coordinate the students in the implementation of this assessment were the Head of BKM, Advisory Lecturers and Managers of the Student Entrepreneurship Development Unit. It is hoped that later the assessment will run smoothly and student groups can pass the KBMI EXPO and compete in the KMI Award which will be held in November 2021.

Previously, the Udayana University Student Entrepreneurship Development Unit had conducted an internal KBMI monev on Monday 6 September 2021 online using the cisco webex. With the supervisor, namely Dr. Sagung Chandra Yowani, M.Sc., Apt., Dr. rer.nat. Putu Ari Antari, M.Farm., Apt., Ni Putu Ayu Dewi Wijayanti, S.Farm., M.Sc., Apt. and Dr. Anak Agung Wife Agung Sri Komala Dewi, ST., MT.

The implementation of internal monev aims to strengthen the preparation of entrepreneurial student groups in participating in external monev later. There are 5 aspects that will be assessed, namely Products, Customers, Marketing, Operations and Finance. This is related to how the use of funds provided by the Directorate General of Higher Education can be put to good use by students in bringing about changes to the businesses that have been initiated.