ALSA-LC Unud Holds National Pre-Conference and XXVIII ALSA Leadership Training (PALT)

Asian Law Students' Association Local Chapter of Udayana University held the XXVIII National Pre-Musyawarah & ALSA Leadership Training (PALT) (18-19 September 2021) offline at B Hotel Bali & Spa and online through the Zoom Meetings application. This activity is an annual national event of ALSA Indonesia with the theme "Satya Bhakti Aprabhu".

The purpose of the implementation of this activity, among others, is to serve as a forum for deliberation on management accountability, to educate and improve the abilities of the participants and as a forum for sharing ideas as well as to strengthen ties of 14 Local Chapter ALSA National Chapter Indonesia.

The Opening Ceremony was attended by the Project Officer, Director of ALSA LC Unud, President of ALSA Indonesia, President of ALSA International and Vice Rector for Student Affairs Unud Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana.

On the first day of the activity, a National Seminar was also held with the theme "Optimizing MSMEs of Alcoholic Beverages in Bali Province through the Job Creation Act". While the second day of the activity was filled with ALSA Leadership Training which is an event to train soft skills for members of the ALSA National Chapter Indonesia. The training events were in the form of Leadership Talkshow, Focus Group Discussion and division sharing between universities.The total number of participants who took part in all the activities that took place in this hybrid was 195. All the materials presented were expected to provide benefits for the participants.