Udayana University Students Turn Organic Waste Into Biomass Energy

Gunaksa Village is one of the rural areas that has an Integrated Waste Management Site (TPST) in Klungkung Regency. The daily activities at the Werdhi Guna TPST 3R are collecting household waste and market-produced waste in the Gunaksa Village area, then sorting them to separate the waste that can be sold and not. The waste that they process so far is only waste that can be sold, while the organic waste which is 40 kilograms per day is not utilized and is only processed by burning. Whereas organic waste can be valuable if used properly.

Seeing these problems, five Udayana University students namely Shaquille Brajel Timothy Kandou, Johanes Nicolas Hutapea, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Ananta Maha Putra, I Gede Nengah Wika Gunawan, and Akbar Fernando Ndabung have an innovation of a program to empower the Gunaksa Village community through the introduction of the Garbage Processing Briquette Machine. Organic as an Alternative Source of Biomass Energy which is the utilization of waste into energy (Waste Management and Waste to Energy) so that it is able to produce a product for the management and reduction of organic waste. The existence of this program can reduce organic waste by 80 percent with the briquette method.

This program is broadly divided into eight sub-activities, namely: 1) Program introduction, 2) Waste sorting training, 3) Organic waste disposal training, 4) Garbage counting training, 5) Briquette standardization, 6) Briquette training, 7) Application briquettes, and 8) Program evaluation.

Shaquille Brajel Timothy Kandou as the Head of the PKM-PM team said that the training on processing organic waste into briquettes as a source of biomass energy is also one of the activities in a series of student creativity programs in the field of community service (PKM-PM) Udayana University 2021.

Meanwhile, I Nyoman Mudastra as Chair of Werdhi Guna's TPST 3R admitted that the members of Werdhi Guna's 3R TPST were very enthusiastic about participating in the training. According to him, the waste problem in the Gunaksa Village area needs to be handled immediately. Mudastra hopes that the members of TPST 3R Werdhi Guna and all other groups can inspire many parties to take part in the program for processing organic waste into briquettes as a source of biomass energy. In this way, the community is expected to have an awareness of the importance of waste management.

Shaquille Brajel added that the training on processing organic waste into briquettes as a source of biomass energy is a new science for the community in Gunaksa Village and is a breakthrough to solve the problem of organic waste.