Udayana University Holds Independent Pathway UTBK Online

Udayana University held a Computer-Based Writing Examination (UTBK) for the 2021 Independent Track New Student Admissions Selection in Full Online, Thursday (22/7/2021). The implementation of UTBK Online is a step taken because it is currently the period of the Government for the Implementation of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) for the Java-Bali region. The Independent Line UTBK was supposed to be held on 12-17 July 2021 but was postponed due to Emergency PPKM. As an anticipatory measure and considering that there is still an increase in Covid-19 cases and it is not possible to bring prospective students to campus so that UTBK takes place Full Online.

This online UTBK is being held at Unud for the first time and will last for three days, 22-24 July 2021. Various preparations have been made by the Committee and the USDI Team to support the implementation of this online UTBK. Socialization and trials have also been carried out for participants so that they know the techniques and mechanisms that must be carried out. In this online UTBK, participants must prepare two devices (laptop and cellphone) that are connected to the internet and install an application that has been determined by the committee. The exam supervisor supervises through a predetermined location, in this online UTBK, participants are required to keep turning on the camera on the connected webex application during the exam. Verification of participant attendance is also carried out online through a camera that is connected to the exam supervisor.

The number of participants who registered to take part in the online UTBK was 4,632 people which were divided into six sessions and supervised by online supervisors where each supervisor supervised 15 participants each. The supervision locations are around 14 locations in the computer lab on the Denpasar and Jimbaran campuses.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Unud Prof. I Ketut Suyasa, who is also the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, reviewed the implementation of the examination supervision which was located on the Denpasar Campus. Prof. Suyasa said that in general the UTBK went smoothly and there were participants who did not attend, it was possible that they had been accepted through other channels. There were technical problems at the beginning of the exam but they have been handled, besides that, the USDI Team has also conducted online mentoring and it is hoped that everything will run smoothly. Prof. Suyasa gave his appreciation to the USDI Team who prepared the system and provided guidance to the participants. Through this selection process, Prof. Suyasa hopes to get prospective students with the best quality.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Unud Prof. I Nyoman Gde Antara also had the opportunity to review the implementation of the Online UTBK. The Vice Rector said that the implementation of the Online UTBK was a challenge in itself. Most of the possibilities that will occur have been anticipated so that the UTBK process can run smoothly. At the beginning of the UTBK implementation session, there were reports from the public that there were participants who could not enter the application. Participants are expected not to panic because a solution will be found, we will evaluate whether it will be a re-examination or other policies. The University does not intend to harm the public or potential participants. During the three days of carrying out this exam, an inventory of existing problems will be made, so that in general you will get a picture that will be submitted to the University Leader, namely the Rector to get a solution. The Vice Rector also expressed his appreciation to all the committees, work unit leaders and supervisors involved and in the future improvements will be made to make it even better.

The exam material consists of the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS) and the Academic Ability Test (TKA). One of the obstacles that occurred was because the participants did not pay attention to the guide. Participants are also expected not to replace the devices that have been used during the trial during the exam, because it takes time for the installation process. A stable internet connection is also one of the supports for the smooth implementation of the exam.