Ministry of Finance together with Udayana University Holds DJKN Goes to Campus

The Directorate General of State Assets, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia together with Udayana University held DJKN Goes to Campus online through the Cisco Webex application, Thursday (17/06/2021). The material raised in this activity is about the 2021 State Budget and the management of state assets.

The keynote speakers in this activity were the Rector of Udayana University, as well as two other speakers, namely Wahyu Nendro as the Head of the Denpasar KPKNL and Iman Adi Marta as a Senior Analyst for State Asset Management.

Head of the Regional Office of the Directorate General of State Assets Balinusra Anugrah Komara in his speech said that the realization of the DJKN Goes to Campus activity proved the existence of good and harmonious synergy and communication between the DJKN Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia and Udayana University. The Head of the DJKN Regional Office Balinusra hopes that the DJKN Goes to Campus activity can continue to be carried out as a need for information communication strategies and friendships between the central government and academics, especially Udayana University students regarding issues surrounding economic development and management of state assets in the Republic of Indonesia.

Rector of Udayana University Prof. A A. Raka Sudewi on this occasion really appreciates and fully supports the DJKN Goes to Campus activity as part of sharing government knowledge to the public, especially students so that they can increase their insight and knowledge, especially in the field of state wealth management. State assets are all forms of living and non-living wealth in the form of tangible and intangible objects, both movable and immovable, which are controlled and/or owned by the State.

Udayana University in managing state assets has built two support systems, namely the Asset Digitalization Information System (SIDI-A) which is a system for displaying information on Udayana University assets in the form of land and buildings and the space in them. SIDI-A aims to make it easier to record assets digitally and make it easier for students and the general public to access information related to land assets, buildings, laboratories, libraries and their facilities at Udayana University as a form of public information disclosure. Udayana Inventory Information System (SI-ISYANA) which aims to help identify and process Udayana University Inventory data and check goods data via qrcode. The Rector of Unud hopes that through the DJKN Goes to Campus program students can add insight, care more, and understand the importance of state wealth and DJKN, and students participate in protecting state assets.