Udayana University Holds Diploma Adjustment Advancement Examination

Educational staff within Udayana University take the online computer-based Diploma Adjustment Promotion Examination at the Computer Lab of the Faculty of Medicine, Unud Sudirman Campus, Denpasar, Wednesday (16/6/2021). This activity is in the context of increasing the qualifications and performance as well as the quality of civil servants through increasing educational qualifications to a higher level. The number of participants who take this exam is 15 people who are civil servants who will make adjustments to their diploma qualifications from SMA to Bachelor (S1) and from Bachelor to Master (S2).

As stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education Number 48 of 2009, where the policy of granting study permits has implications for, among other things, the promotion of civil servants. In Government Regulation Number 12 of 2002 concerning Amendments to Government Regulation Number 99 of 2000 concerning Promotion of the Rank of Civil Servants, it is stated that Civil Servants who obtain a higher education certificate/diploma can be promoted if they are appointed to a position/assigned a task that requires knowledge. / expertise in accordance with the diploma obtained through the education and passing the diploma adjustment promotion test (UKPPI). Participants who can take this exam before must have met the administrative requirements. The material in this exam for the Bachelor/Master level is the Basic Competency Test, Field Competency Test and Scientific Work. For the written work in the implementation of the 2021 exam, it was made in the form of a paper with the theme "The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Implementation of Public Services".

Unud Human Resources Coordinator, Desak Putu Irianti, said that this online diploma adjustment test was also the first to be held at Unud in addition to yesterday's official exam. The HR Coordinator hopes that the implementation of this exam can also run smoothly.