Unud Attends Socialization on Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Agency Information Disclosure 2021

The Central Information Commission (KIP) held a Socialization on Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Agency Information Disclosure in 2021 which took place virtually through the Zoom Meeting application, Tuesday (15/6/2021). This monitoring and evaluation activity is carried out to determine the implementation of information disclosure in public agencies as mandated in the KIP Law. This Monev will be conducted on 347 Public Bodies consisting of seven categories, namely Ministries, Provincial Governments, State Institutions, Non-Ministerial Government Institutions, Non-Structural Institutions, BUMN, State Universities and Political Parties.

Representing Udayana University who attended the socialization activity was the Head of the Academic, Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau of Udayana University IGN Indra Kecapa with the Cooperation and Public Relations Coordinator and staff.

Chairman of the Central KI Gede Narayana on the occasion said that the Central Information Commission (KI) is trying as much as possible in order to overcome the problems faced by Public Bodies in implementing public information disclosure as mandated by Law 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure.

A total of seven categories of BP received socialization, namely 34 Ministry BPs, 46 LN-LPNK (State Institutions-Non-Ministerial Government Agencies), 34 LNS (Non-Structural Institutions). Furthermore, 85 BP PTN (State Universities), 105 BUMN (State Owned Enterprises) and 9 BP Political Parties (Parpol) that passed to the DPR RI.

Meanwhile, the Head of Institutional Division of Central KI Cecep Suryadi in his presentation explained that the purpose of the implementation of the monev held by Central KI every year since 2011 was to monitor the implementation of public information disclosure in public bodies which had been carried out over the past one year. This Monev wants to identify and take inventory of problems that arise in the implementation of public information disclosure in public bodies.

The schedule and stages in the 2021 KIP monev activities are the implementation of socialization on 15 and 16 June 2021, filling out questionnaires on 23 June - 23 July 2021, verification by the team on 28 July - 24 August 2021, correction of verification on 25 August - 9 September 2021, presentations on 29, 30 September, 1, 4, 5, and 6 October 2021, as well as the awarding of KIP on 26 October 2021.

There are 4 indicators of monitoring and evaluation instruments, namely indicators of website development and digitization of public bodies, announcement of public information, public information services and provision of public information.