Rector of Unud Receives Audience of Bali Regional Company Directors

Rector of Unud Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi accompanied by the Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance received an audience for the Directors of Bali Regional Companies at the Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building, Monday (14/6/2021). This hearing is related to the Bali Regional Company Program in order to support the Bali Governor's Circular to market the products of local farmers. Currently one of the obstacles is marketing.

The Bali Regional Company has made several collaborations with government agencies, and is now exploring with universities, and in the future it will also be carried out with BUMN and BUMD to realize food security and absorption of local products. In addition, regional companies are also engaged in clean energy and solar cells as well as industrial areas to promote Bali's potential.

On this occasion, the Rector of Udayana University expressed his appreciation and support for this program and for the marketing of local products, it is hoped that regional companies can explore cooperation with cooperatives at Udayana University.