The Medical Assistance Team of Janar Duta FK Unud Conducts Nature Service 2021

Badung - Sunday (13/05/2021) The Janar Dūta Medical Assistance Team has carried out 2021 Nature Service activities in the form of beach activities and coral reef planting at Pandawa Beach.

This activity was opened by the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Information FK Unud Dr.dr. I Made Sudarmaja M. Kes and attended by the supervisor of the Medical Assistance Team Janar Dūta dr. I Gusti Ngurah Pramesemara M. Biomed, Sp. And and representatives from the Natural Resources Conservation Center. As for this activity, TBM Janar Dutha collaborated with the KPKHN and the Pandawa beach.

Participants in this activity are members of the Janar Duta medical assistance team in collaboration with the KPKHN. By holding this activity, it is hoped that Pandawa Beach will remain a tourist attraction and can maintain the cleanliness and beauty of Pandawa Beach.