Admission of Unud Medical Faculty Students in the Framework of Cooperation in Stopping the Spread of the Covid-19 Virus at the Denpasar Police

Located in the hall of the Denpasar Police Gatra Pesat building, the Unud Medical Faculty Student Admission activity was held in the context of cooperation in breaking the chain of spread of the Covid 19 Virus in the Denpasar Police Legal Area (Saturday, 5/6/21). This event was attended by the Denpasar Police Chief, Denpasar Deputy Police Chief, Denpasar Police PJU, Assistant Lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine, Unud dr. Dwi Ariawan, the Sector Police Heads and their ranks, Bhabinkamtibmas, Unud Medical Faculty students and their companions.

The Denpasar Police Chief, in his remarks welcomed and thanked all students and assistants who were present on this occasion so that they could assist in handling Covid 19 in the Denpasar Resta area which consists of 8 Polsek, where covid has hit Bali for about a year and the central government and regions synergize, strive, work together so that Covid can be handled. We really appreciate the 78 students as ambassadors for change, prokes ambassadors and as a tresing team. We hope that the younger students can help and synergize with the police officers in the field so that they can suppress the spread. We have also formed a companion team so that our shared goals can be realized.

Assistant Lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine, Unud dr. On this occasion, Dwi Ariawan said that in handling Covid 19, we sent medical students as health promotion ambassadors and the tresing team at the PPKM command post. Activities are focused on the yellow, orange and red zones so that positive cases can decrease. It is hoped that the students can directly practice the theory that has been learned in the field and can provide good information to the public regarding vaccination. We entrust the students so that later there can be synergies in the implementation of activities in the field.

The student representatives of the Faculty of Medicine Unud expressed their gratitude for the student admissions for the Faculty of Medicine at the Denpasar Police and hoped for guidance and direction in carrying out activities so that all the activities we carried out could run smoothly.