Closing of the AUN QA Field Assessment of Four Study Programs at Udayana University

After four days of carrying out the AUN QA field assessment, which took place from May 31, 2021, Friday (4/06/2021) a closing event took place online through the Zoom Meeting Application, and offline from the Bangsa Room, Bukit Jimbaran Campus Rectorate Building.

Also attending the closing ceremony were the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance, Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Bureau Heads, Institutional Leaders, Faculty and Postgraduate Leaders, USDI, KUI and the Task Force Team. Meanwhile, the AUN who attended were AUN-QA Council Members, Chief Assessors, AUN Executive Directors and Assessors.

The Rector of Unud in his speech delivered by the Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Prof. IB Wyasa Putra conveyed the initial assessment process that was passed 4 days ago. At the beginning of the assessment process, the Task Force Team was worried, considering this is a very important milestone for the Study Program in participating in the AUN-QA certification. The role of the assessor is very large in providing direction and guidance during the assessment, especially direction in terms of improving the education system at Udayana University, especially the assessment of 4 Study Programs, as well as at the university level that contributes to the ELO program. For this reason, it is hoped that what has been presented during the assessment process has met the criteria set by AUN QA in order to improve the quality of sustainable education.

The series of assessments carried out cover almost the entire management and implementation of the educational process to ensure the achievement of teaching and learning outcomes. The four study programs assessed, consisting of English Literature Study Program, Development Economics Study Program, Mechanical Engineering Study Program and Veterinary Medicine Study Program, have made every effort to display data and information, as well as data presentation at the University level has been fulfilled as expected. In this closing, the Chancellor gave his appreciation to all parties who have been involved in the implementation of the assessment, so that the implementation of the assessment has gone smoothly. In the future, the Chancellor hopes that AUN QA certification can be continued to improve the quality of education in all Study Programs, and hopes that in the upcoming assessment period it can be carried out offline by presenting the Assessor Team directly at Udayana University.

While the Head of LP3M Prof. Ni Wayan Sri Suprapti said that at the close of this assessment, the assessors presented the preliminary results submitted by the assessors for each study program, which included exposure to the advantages of each study program and things that need attention for future improvements. One of them is related to the learning process at the Study Program level and at the University level.

The Assessor Team expressed its appreciation that the information system owned by Udayana University, namely IMISSU, had contributed so much to the implementation of the learning process at Udayana University, especially in the midst of this pandemic. The Head of the Assessor Team on this occasion also provided input related to the steps that need to be taken by Udayana University in order to improve in the future if you want to become a member of a global-scale university.

The results of this assessment will be reported to the AUN-QA Secretariat, and it is hoped that after going through various elements of the assessment, the best results will be obtained. The implementation of the assessment of these four study programs is Uayana University's step towards the internationalization of the study program, and will be followed by various other study programs within Udayana University.