Rector of Unud Received a Visit from the Inspectorate Team

Rector of Unud Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi accompanied by Vice Rector II, Chair of SPI, Coordinator of TU, ​​RT and HTL and Coordinator of TU FEB received a visit from the Inspectorate Team, Tuesday (25/05/2021), at the Rectorate Building, Jimbaran Campus.

During this visit the IG Team will evaluate the appointment of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Udayana University as a work unit proposed to participate in the Integrity Zone Corruption-Free Areas (WBK) and Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Areas (WBBM).

21 work units have been proposed to the Ministry to be assessed before being submitted to KemenpanRB and one of them is FEB Unud. As an initial stage, the readiness of the Satker will be seen, including the reporting of LHKPN and LHKASN and follow-up on BPK findings, and for this, FEB Unud has filled in the supporting documents and data. In the previous year, there were no Satker that passed and it is hoped that this year many will pass. The proposals from the Ministry will be carried out on July 2021 and at this stage I will evaluate 16 PTNs.

The Rector of Udayana University expressed his appreciation for the presence of the Inspectorate General Team to assist in realizing the WBK / WBBM integrity zone. In this series of evaluations, a team has been formed under the coordination of the Dean of FEB and online assistance has also been provided by the Ministry. The Chancellor hopes that all the requirements can be met, so that what the Ministry hopes can be realized and the University leadership is committed to supporting it.